Feeling Pearly

As you probably know, I don't work with pearls all that often. But these beauties spoke to me today in Hobby Lobby. They have the most gorgeous color and I dont think the photos do them justice at all!

The first thing I thought was, Pearls and leather. Because I was also stocking up on this gorgeous deerskin leather - The combination is beautiful and earthy!

Things always happen in a weird succession  when I'm in the studio. I had nothing in my mind one what I was going to make until after I finished a riveted leather strap for the necklace.  Looking through the goodies afterwards, I found this beauty of a pendant by Nancy Schindler Adams of Round Rabbit Extra. The glaze on this is to die for. The beautiful layered flower, with the simple dark staining on the pristine white porcelain really stands out against the blues and browns of the glaze.

Here is where I got stumped. The pointy top of the pendant with the hole- Large jump ring? Wire wrap? I wanted to do something different so this is how I worked through the issue.

I used linen cording - 2 pieces, and attached them to the hole with larks heads knots.  One on the left, one on the right. Stringing the pearls on the tails seemed unique and different.  I knotted the pearls on with overhand knots.   Loosening up the linen cording on the back, I opened up a 15mm jump ring, and thread it down through the linen on the back side....

Like this!

And then attached the leather strap with jump rings and a lobster clasp.

This is an 18 inch necklace.  It's fine by itself. But then I could not help myself and I obsessively started wire wrapping the pearls on brass headpins. One after another. Until I had a good pile.

My next thought was, what should I do with these. I had some smaller width leather cording, cut a long strand and started tying the wire wrapped pearls on with overhand knots....

Like this!

It because longer and longer and finally I finished it off and called it, "the second coordinating necklace"


  1. If these are the results, you should use pearls more often!!

    1. Omg! Kelly !! Where the F have you been?! Missed you!!
      Thank you. Yes maybe I should do pearls more often. I'm just so picky about them.

  2. Love how you knotted the pearls and worked in Nancy's pendant - clever.

  3. your pieces are always so gorgeous! thanks for sharing the step by step thinking process


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