Happy Camper


This knotted necklace technique was inspired by a recent necklace from my girl Erin Siegel in Jewelry Stringing magazine.  She did a pretty leather knotted necklace using large hole pearls and faceted silver beads. I switched up the design by using some polka dotted Golem Studios rounds and faceted brass beads and added a pendant to the necklace design.

This was a fun piece to put together, and believe it or not the addition of the "happy" connector came at the very end of the assembly by accident!

This is necklace and earrings set is for sale here.


  1. Love that camper and you put the piece together wonderfully!

  2. Super cute and sweet! Love!

  3. What a fun design! Just love the use of leather and that camper is to die for.

  4. Yay - I'm glad I got that "happy" link to you in time! ;)

  5. Anonymous1/07/2014

    This is so cute!

  6. I've made several necklaces for myself in this same basic style too. They are fun pieces that are conversation starters. Great work!

  7. Oh your little camper necklace and the earrings to match are so adorable! Where do you find your large hole beads? I've had a hard time finding cute large hole beads. Thanks for sharing your adorable necklace!

    1. Lorelei would it be ok if I shared a picture of your cute camper necklace on my blog with a link back to your necklace and blog?


    2. Sure Linda! No problem!
      And to answer your question about the beads the polka dotted ones are from golem studio and the brass beads are from hand of the hills.


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