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Happy Hump Day!

I hope you guys keep your eye out for new ads on my blog.... every once in a while I add a new artisan and this time it's Kristi Bowman Design. Kristi lives in Snohomish Washington. She dabbles in jewelry making, polymer clay and metal clay! Her Etsy shop is chock full of fun and interesting, unique designs that will absolutely be an asset to your jewelry designs! Check out her shop now!

These are some of her copper pieces I recently got! Love the details on the keyhole focal and flower shaped hoops! The small keyholes will be great for earrings or, maybe not. Maybe I have other more interesting plans for these beauties!


  1. Thanks so much Lorelei, great picture I can't wait to see what you make!!

  2. Kristi is one of my favorite jewelry and component designers, She lives just 2 hours north of me, so we get together a few times a year. I love spending creative time with her. She rocks!

  3. Awesome! I love Kristi's work. I've got to ask though.....what on earth is hump day?!

  4. Ha ha...I have to laugh at hump day because of the Geico commercial with the camel. The first time I saw it I got so tickled I almost wet my pants. :) So my boys love to pretend they are the camel to make me laugh.

    Hump day is in getting over the hump in the week.

    Oh and I absolutely adore Kristi's work. Incredibly talented and she always comes up with the coolest textures.


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