In 1 hour.....

There is still time to sign up for today's LIVE webinar on opening your own Etsy jewelry shop! Starts at 1pm est. - click this link to buy a ticket to attend the live event. Be talking to you all soon~~~~ :)


  1. Hi Lorelei,
    I've been unofficially following you and Erin Siegel for a couple of months and finally decided to click on the Facebook "following" button, LOL. I was interested in your webinar but didn't see it soon enough to attend live. I noticed you've got a download button above but I'm getting a "404 Not Found" message on Interweave. Will the webinar be offered later for download? I'm interested in watching/listening to it as I'm sort of in this stuck mode right now (I've got a shop on etsy but haven't opened it and haven't put anything in it, LOL). I need some Mighty Mouse confidence and guidance I guess :)

  2. Hi Annie! I contacted Interweave to find out what was going on. The downloadable version will be available SOON! But they took the live webinar down since it's over now. Keep checking under the Bead/ Live Seminars too- and I'll give a shout when I notice it up.

  3. Yay! Great :) Thanks!! I'll keep an eye out ~

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