Metal Clay 101 Winner Announced

Had a good laugh this morning when I watched the video again from yesterday and realized I said Metal Clay 101 for Beaders by Kristal CLAY. Doh! Just keepin' it real, without a script.

The big winner today for this copy of Metal Clay 101 for Beaders by Kristal WICK, is.........


Love your comment Julie- was a huge fan of Grey's before it got all weird. And I do remember this episode fondly! :)

Send along your mailing address to me- and I'll mail this out asap!

Stay tuned for more book giveaways and reviews in the future!

Happy Tuesday!

Metal Clay 101 for Beaders
Kristal Wick


  1. I might need to go out and buy this book!

  2. Julie B2/26/2014

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Big hugs!!! (and I really needed a boost today so ThAnK yOu!!
    Erm... I just have to figure out where I send you my address.... will do! xo


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