The Cookbook

Now that we've finally had all of our Christmas' with our friends and family, the last of which was with my sister and her husband this past weekend, I can now share with you one of my favorite gifts that I gave out this year.

Using the program, I created a paperback book of a small collection of our favorite recipes. It was a fun project and everyone seemed to really love it!

Joe and I are constantly in the kitchen trying out new recipes. One may call us Foodies- but in reality we just love to cook and eat. 

I took most of the photographs of the finished recipes (mostly with my camera phone) and had to use a few from online for the others. I loved the way I could change font, colors, and background colors for each page.

I inscribed the front page, and then wrote in special messages to each of the recipients. The back couple of pages were lined for any notes they want to share about the recipes.

All in all, a total successful handmade gift! I can't wait to start compiling recipes for next years book!


  1. That's a great idea, Lorelei! Very nice!

  2. That is really super neat! How can I get one ;)

    1. you can buy one if you want! here's a link:

  3. What a love idea, so original and very personal.

  4. The plate is awesome, as well :).

  5. This is such a sweet idea! What a great thing to pass on to your family. I moderated a fundraiser cookbook about 10 years ago. Collected over 1000 recipes. It is my favorite because I put all of my personal recipes in there and I know they are all beloved ones from people I admire. A wonderful personal gift! Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy the day. Erin


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