The Winner is.....

Thank you all for your great comments on yesterday's book giveaway video!
I am going to be doing more of these, I promise you. I have a whole stack of books to go through!

I also just ordered Deryn Mentock's new book too and can't wait to review it!

Today's Beautiful Leather Jewelry by Melissa Cable giveaway is going to the very lucky, and creative......

Lola of Bead Lola Bead!

Congrats girl! I can't wait to see what you do with the leather beads.

Send along your address to my email please!


  1. Oh my goodness ... I can't tell you how excited I am!!! Thank you so much Lorelei and Melissa ... I can't wait to start playing and creating with leather!!! <3

  2. Deryn's book is awesome!, packed with information. It is not in-depth in terms of learning technique why's and how's for a beginner, but it is excellent for the beginner and experienced designer wanting to understand design basics and concepts. Even if your style design is different from Deryn's you can translate and apply the concepts to your own style. She is very giving with her information.
    The photos are pure eye candy with Deryn taking most of them.
    This is a must-have book and it will interesting to read your review Lorelei.

    Lola - enjoy your new book!!

  3. Congratulations Lola! And thanks for bringing this book to my attention Lorelei!

  4. Oh, this is one cool book for sure. I'm not even half way through mine and my brain is on overload! Congrats Lola, you're gonna love this! Nice Give-A-Way Lorelei, that was super sweet of you (and of Melissa!).


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