A new Week

Happy? Monday!

I started the day off, just right. I met a girl who is now working at the museum where I used to work. Her name is Clare and she lives a few blocks up my street- she walks in the morning, so I offered to keep her company if she wanted a walking partner. Today was our first walk and I can't tell you how invigorating it was to chat with a new friend, and get some major exercise too. The area around here is really hilly- so the walk was challenging and at times I had trouble with the chatting part as I was huffing and puffing but no pain, no gain. I can't wait to go again later this week!

Today, in the studio.....

This sweet little owl inside a stump, made by the talented Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio- was perfect simply knotted on waxed cotton cording with one of Elaine Ray's Tree pendants, and a lamp work bicone from Beads of Passion. It's for sale, here.

I grabbed some of my new beads from last weekend's bead show, and threw together this Cicada necklace with some cotton cording and chain. Those gorgeous blue kyanite beads were wire wrapped onto the chain, and then I knotted some as dangles at the focal. Loving how this turned out. It's Reserved.

A new House and Home bracelet with an Elukka house, Ceramic Golem Studios lentil, and floral round, and a few lamp work beads from The Orange Bell. The Earthenwood acorn finished the whole piece off nicely. It is available for sale, here.

My friend Grace Neff sent me a little care package of beads last week and included this absolutely STUNNING vintage button and I put it into this knotted necklace with the reproduction glass ovals from Stinky Dog Beads, and some brass spacers, chain and linen cording. Love how this one turned out, the colors are really nice. It is available for sale here.

This last bracelet is a new take on my beaded chain bracelets that I've been developing. I got some cool matte green Magatamas beads from Allegory Gallery and this was the first time I used this shape in this new style bracelet. I really love the texture these beads give to the look. Instead of adding a bead in the center of the 2 chains, I grabbed some Rhinestone chain from Nunn Design, and cut the length, and started "sewing" it onto the center of the 2 chains, with linen cording. But for some reason, when I got to the end of the rhinestone chain, it had shrunk. So I ended up with about an inch and a quarter of chain left, without the rhinestones. Luckily, I think quickly on my feet, and find this cool ladybug clasp in my stash from TheaToo. It worked perfectly! I attached it to cover that end of chain, and then added the hook half of the clasp to the other end.

The clasp came with a matching ladybug/leaf earring pair, so I made some matching earrings to go along with it!
The bracelet is fairly small- about 6.75-7 inches.

I will be listing this set for sale in the morning on Etsy.

It is available for sale here! 


  1. The pieces are so rich and have lots of luxurious textures! Everything looks great! I love what you did with the magatamas! They look so juicy!

    1. Thank you Andrew- the beads are luscious!

  2. Beautiful designs!!

  3. I love ll these pieces but Especially the ladybug set (ok so I'm biased)...such a fun way to add a bit of bling!

  4. Love the new designs. The use of the ladybug to solve that construction problem was genius! And the cicada necklace is to die for!

    1. Thank you!! The cicada was really fun to use, I will have to get more of those.


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