New Ebook Now available!

I spent the day yesterday putting together this little ebook that includes 4 different projects featuring this new seed beaded chain technique. I start off with a simple Single chain stitched with seed beads, and move on up to a blingy Rhinsestone cup chain and Magatama Bracelet design. Ohhh Fancyyyy. :)

Each project requires 3 basic tools- Cutters, or Scissors, Flat Nose and Chain Nose Pliers and the supplies list isn't too bad for each one either. Each project features a materials list, just like you'd see in your favorite beading magazines.  And a supplies list so you can know where I got the pretty clasps and beads I used for these 4 projects.

All I ask is that you really use your imagination when using this technique in your own designs because the possibilities are endless. There are so many different directions you can go, just by changing up the shape of bead, or playing around with different textures and finishes!

The ebook is about 28 pages long and is in a PDF format that can be printed or downloaded to any device.  A total steal, at just $15.00!
If you have any issues or questions about the ebook, please feel free to email me.

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do!

A few people have asked me what size Cup chain I used for the project- it's 18ss, that's coming from the Nunn Design website. It's the largest size they sell. And I'm not sure where it can be purchased, retail. 
The Cube beads, in the Flower Bee bracelet are 3mm.


  1. I am wondering where you get the chain.

    1. they have it at and and probably many other retailers.

  2. Anonymous5/06/2014

    Ils sont très jolis vos bijoux. Bravo


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