Stinky Dog Beads Blog Challenge and Hop: The Reveal

 If you are just tuning in, a few weeks ago I posted  this combination of beads that I picked out with the help of Kitty, owner at Stinky Dog Beads.
Here's how the challenge works- We had participants purchase the bead kits, and today we reveal what everyone made with the same beads!

At the end of the post, I will share the link list so that you can hop through the participants blogs to see what they all created! Fun times right??

Let's get started!

I created some earrings with the leaf charms, pewter sticks, and some faceted glass rounds.  They look huge in the photo but actually they are quite dainty and feminine. I love how they came out. I'm always a fan of the horizontal paired with vertical in any earring design.

The second pair of earrings, I used the Faceted Teal English Cut extra large nuggets with some copper drop beads and some cool copper ball head dangles from MissFickleMedia.  They have a very organic, sea-worthy quality to them.

With the remaining English Cut faceted nuggets, I paired them with the bead cones, some of my own handmade bead caps, and the other 2 leaf charms in this lariat design. The copper of the bead cones are stacked below the glass beads with a wire wrap.... and I stacked the bead caps below the cones. A cool and unique design. 

Here is another photo for different options when wearing this piece.

It wouldn't feel right if I didn't do at least one design using leather! This riveted deer tan leather pairs perfectly with the Garnet beaded chain, and some other bar and cable chains. I riveted the Mykonos bird onto the leather and added some dangles- one of the Floral reproduction glass ovals, and a pewter stick.

And finally this last simple design uses some thin leather cording. I stacked the bee on top of the braided wreath connector and strung the second floral reproduction glass oval, added knots, and then used one of the stick beads as the toggle for the clasp. I played around with the idea of adding charms to the wreath but decided I liked the simplicity of the design as is. 

I hope you enjoyed my designs using the Stinky Dog Beads kit! Here are the participants blogs- Happy Hopping! <----------------YOU ARE HERE!

If you are participating and you are not on this list, please leave a comment with your blog link!


  1. So many great pieces! I love the leather necklace. Thanks so much for hosting this fun challenge! I really needed a kick start after several weeks of chaos.

  2. Every piece in this collection is fabulous!! You are amazing Lorelei, I always love your designs and I would wear everything you made here! The second pair of earrings and the lariat necklace are my favorites.

  3. So lovely! All of you pieces are great. Thanks for putting together this challenge, I had fun, and I found the perfect beads to go with a long treasured focal. Win, win!

  4. Lorelei: I love what you did with the kit and thanks for bringing Stinky Dog beads to our attention! Marvelous beads. Your lariat is a cool piece that I would definitely wear.

  5. I really like the simplicity of the last necklace. The different metals & glass bead make it stand out without fuss. Your other creations are lovely too. I like the wire wrapping on the second pair of earrings & the lariat necklace is both pretty and fun.

  6. Lorelei - such beautiful pieces - I like the combo of blues and copper. Thanks for putting together such a fun collection - I probably wouldn't have picked out them for myself but sure had fun playing! Someday you need to do a tutorial on bead caps - I think I need to learn that next :-)

  7. Always fun to see what you do! I think my favorite is the last one - simple but with a story.

  8. I love all the pieces from the Stinky Dog Bead challenge participants- I'm learning: realized maybe I could have made more than one thing!!! Also my blog is under BeadRiver at the wordpress site - thank you!

  9. I thought the kit for this hop was so beautiful, I was anxious to see what everyone made. You did not disappoint! I love all your pieces. The leather and chain might be my favorite, but I'm not willing to commit. :) Now I'm off to hop.

  10. So in love with the lariet necklace! The way you stacked everything up with the bead caps underneath is so cool.

  11. I really like your interpretation of the earrings with the silver bar buttons. Great idea for using them and showing them off.

  12. Love that lariat! So fun:).

  13. Wonderful imaginative designs. I especially love the second pair of earrings - they remind me of delicate jellyfish.
    PS I do apologize for posting my reveal a day late. Had Saturday stuck in my brain for some reason!

  14. I especially like your last necklace. Very elegant .

  15. Anonymous6/02/2014

    Love all these designs! I'm a new fan of Stinky Dog...just got my new order in the mail a few days ago and excited to start some creations of my own. Thanks for sharing all these inspirations!


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