Stinky Dog Beads Blog Hop and Challenge

Welcome to the latest challenge featuring bead shop Stinky Dog Beads.  Kitty and I have been working together to put together a small kit of beads that will be available this afternoon on her website.  There are a limited number of kits available (only 9 in fact!) so you better hurry if you want to snag one.  I will be participating in the challenge as well. 

Each kit contains the following:1- Braided Wreath Connector1- Brass Bee bead4- Faceted Teal English Cut extra large nuggets2- Matte Teal Reproduction Floral double drilled ovals1 foot of Garget stone chain2- Mykonos Bead cones1- Mykonos Bird Charm/pendant4- Mykonos Cast Leaf Charms4- Mykonos silver bar/button beadsEach kit will retail for $34 plus shipping

Nothing challenging about it really, you just buy the kit and make something pretty with the beads. We'll all blog about our finished pieces on a set date! You will need to have a blog to participate. 
The idea of this challenge is to each have the same components and beads, and then we each make something of our own imaginations, which shows the versatility of the beads chosen.

KITS WILL BE AVAILABLE at TODAY Friday May 2 at 12:30 eastern standard time zone.

The date to blog your creations will be May 30th. I will need your email addresses so that I can send the coding for the blog list. This will make things easy when you are blogging- cut and paste the participating blog link list to your post, and voila! The idea here is that each person will include a link list and readers can bee bop through each of the posts easily without having to do anything but click the next link on the list. make sense??
I will need your blog links by the MORNING of  May 29th so I can get this to everyone before the reveal date.


  • The kits will be available on a first-come first-served basis. There are only 9 kits available, SO if you want to participate, I suggest you head over to purchase your kit as soon as you can. They'll be posted about 12:30 this afternoon.
  • You MUST use at least some of the beads in the kit. Feel free to substitute your own beads into your project.
  • You can make as many pieces as you want with the beads. There are a lot of beads in the kit! Feel free to make as much as you want, or just one piece. Wherever your muse takes you!
  • You must have a blog to participate.

  • If you are an international participant, please make sure you'll be able to a) get the beads in time, and b) be able to blog on the reveal date. All are welcome to participate!

Leave a comment on this post too, if you are going to be participating so I can keep track of who is in.


  1. I'm in - kit just ordered. I was lucky to see your post at just the right moment :-) Have a great weekend!

  2. Just placed an order. Of course I had to add some other goodies to my cart as well.
    My email: thepetersons13

  3. Just bought my kit. Can't wait to get started. I can be contacted at

  4. Just ordered your last kit - I'm pushing my luck a bit because I'm in Oz but it should get to me with moments to spare!

  5. Sharonkay5/03/2014

    I cant get link to work?? Even tried typing in the url

    1. all kits have sold out. Sorry Sharon!

  6. Anonymous5/05/2014

    I'm in too -

  7. I am doing this!! Best email is

  8. Ordered my kit on May 2nd. I received my package in the mail today! I am so happy it arrived with enough time to actually create. I never thought North Carolina and Ontario (Canada) were that far apart!


  9. Mona, I don't understand why our postal service sends packages to Canada via MIAMI FLORIDA sometimes. I made sure all kits were sent out the next day. I do hope you are enjoying the supplies!

  10. Thank you to everyone who is participating...Lorelei did a wonderful job picking the materials. But of course she has that amazing Boho design aesthetic we all adore! Contact me if you have questions Kitty :)


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