Stocking up for the Garden Party

I will be feverishly creating to get stock made for this weekend's show in Sharon Springs, The Garden Party. I did this show before and although it wasn't that lucrative (and the weather stunk) I figured it'd be a good idea to try again. The weather forecast doesn't look too bad so far, and it will be nice to get some extra spending cash for Bead & Button in 2 weeks.  CAN NOT WAIT FOR B&B- I am in desperate need of a good bead shopping trip.

These things were from Yesterday's time in the studio.... I have listed most of it in my online stores.
If you follow me on Facebook, and you see something I have posted but have not listed, feel free to ask me if it's available. I may be making so many things that don't get listed so that I can avoid listing fees this week. Just holler if you see something you have to have.


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