Yakkity Yak- Trip One

We've been talking about getting kayaks for a few months and finally this weekend we bit the bullet and bought some. Actually, while I was exhibiting at my show this weekend, Joe went and picked them up. Mine, the red one, is from Dick's Sporting Goods, and Joe's (khaki green) is from Bass Pro Shops.  We got all the gear we needed, and planned our first trip for today, Memorial Day.

We drove about an hour or so North, to Forestport, NY to a small private lake called North Lake. It was a beautiful 80 degree day, with not a cloud in the sky.
I was nervous at first, being a clumsy fool that I am- I figured I'd flip it or fall in, or fall while getting in it, or fall when getting out of it.

It was a bit windy today so we didn't stay out too long just because against the wind, it was a little tough to maneuver but the time we did spend out on the water was really really nice. Relaxing but also kind of a work out too. Looking forward to a summer filled with these trips. I hope I don't bore you too much by sharing them here.

 Here are some pictures from our trip.

All packed up and ready to go. We don't have a kayak rack yet, so we strapped them in and prayed to the Kayak Gods that they wouldn't fly out.

 But first, let me take a selfie....

We arrived at the drop in area.... a nice flat area, we were able to back right up to the water and drop them in.

Panoramic view

On the water...

Heart shaped rock to commemorate the trip.


  1. Your photos are gorgeous. I'll be happy to read more stories and see more pictures all summer!

  2. Good on you for taking up Kayaking. My DH and I got into Sea Kayaking several (or is that many now :-) ) years ago and had a ball. We stopped paddling a few years ago when our car blew up and we decided to stick with motorcycles only for a while. We now have a car again and are hoping to get back on the water sometime soon (Spring at the latest). The lake looks like a lovely spot! Enjoy

  3. Looks like fun. What a gorgeous day you had to be out and about on the water. That's a great big grin on your face in the selfie!

  4. We're planning to get kayaks, too! Been drooling at REI and Dicks for a couple of months. Photos are wonderful. Keep posting!

  5. Looks like it was a perfect day! My first time kayaking was along Moose River. I highly recommend it for your next kayaking adventure!

  6. You are set up for a lot of fun! We have two Wilderness 100s - they are the "sit on top" kind & we love smooth, calm water. Have fun!

  7. I also got a new kayak this year but I haven't put it in the water yet. After seeing your pics I can't wait!!

  8. Julie B5/27/2014

    Excellent hat.

  9. Kayaking is fun! we are so happy we bought ours last summer! I have purchased every book known to have been written about kayaking in NYS and the North East.. lemme know if you want to borrow one! I think I bought 10 total! Maybe one day we will hit the water in one of those places together!

  10. Looks like so much fun! It is on my bucket list to go kayaking in Monterey with the sea otters!


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