A Cute Packaging Idea

 A while back I wrote out my name in blackened steel wire and it turned out pretty cool. I eyed it in the studio today and thought it would be cool to show something that I could actually use that technique for. PACKAGING! What a super cute way to personalize your jewelry orders! And they don't take that long to make. I made these four in like 40 minutes time.

 I stamped the box with a heart stamp, and opaque red ink and tied on the name with some linen cording. 

Used one of Geninne's new stamps that are available here.  And then added the wire link on top, lining up perfectly in the center of the stamp.

 Add a little washi tape for extra color and patterning. 

OR, keep it simple! 

If you can write in cursive, you can definitely make these personalized wire links. Might even be cute on a smaller scale for jewelry, I know I have seen similar things on Etsy.


  1. That is so cute!! How inventive. I may have to try it if I ever get any more orders. It's pretty slow right now for be but i'm trying to be optimistic. Very clever and I have a ton of black steel wire. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Girl! That is just brilliant! I just adore these, and I know I'd be thrilled to get such a personalized package. I'm assuming your steel wire is 20 gauge?

  3. What a beautiful and artistic way to personalize a package-love it! I also like the stamps that you used, they add a little eaxtra something special to an already wonderful design. You know how much of a packaging geek I am, this one goes into my brilliantly inspired packaging folder! :)

  4. I love this idea! Super cute!

  5. my favorite is the Amy HA!

  6. Adorable! You're always coming up with new ideas and I'm always grateful that you share them! Thanks Lorelei!

  7. Oh, those are great!


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