Changes are a'comin'.  I have been mulling over many aspects of how I operate my business and it's now time to make some changes. First up, address the lack of newsletter. I had a sign up on my blog for a long time for the newsletter which I may have sent out 4-5 times? If that? I was using mail chimp and although it promises to be really user friendly and easy, for some reason I struggled with the program. To me it was confusing, and difficult to maneuver and I found myself forgetting how I created newsletters in the past and then would have to relearn the process every time I sat down to create a letter.  I gave up, and even removed the sign up widget on my blog side bar.

While I was in Milwaukee, I had an awesome conversation with Marla (a fellow member of the Nunn Design Innovation team) and she mentioned Smore.  An image driven site where a designer can create flyers and share on social media or email to customers/friends/family.  I checked it out. 

The site is so easy to navigate. Had a little trouble while in the airport, using my iPhone but once I got home I tried the website and it really was easy. Template --> drop in photos--> drop in text--> share! OMG, it could not be easier.  And so, I created my first flyer. A little teaser to the Bead and Button recap post on my blog, with links to redirect you to the actual post.  Within 24 hours I had stats stating over 120 views.  That's probably better than the exposure I get on Facebook lately.  

The free plan allows you 200 emails, and 5 flyers a month. No custom backgrounds.

If you upgrade to the $19 plan, you'll get 2500 emails a month. And you can create your own custom backgrounds.

To me it seems like a win win. Easy to create flyers, easy to share on social media, or even embed into blog posts.  

And so, my plan is to start using this to my advantage. Maybe a flyer that will share news of a sale, or a preview for a big update. If you'd like to land on my email list, email me your email and I'll add it asap. The next flyer will go out in about a week. I hope to send at least 2-3 flyers a month, nothing too aggravating.  If I notice more emails than I can handle, I will probably consider going up to the Personal $19 a month plan.


There will also be some changes on Facebook. For example, I will be utilizing my Lorelei Eurto Jewelry business page more so take a minute to Like my page so you can be the first to see what's coming out of my studio.  Will be keeping my personal page as well but will be keeping the jewelry to a minimum there.

Changes to the RESERVES option.

NEW POLICY please take note:

Yes I will be accepting reserves on my business page only.  I will reserve an item for 48 hours ONLY. Payment must be made within that 48 hour period , after that the item will be back up for grabs in my store.

Yes I will be accepting reserves in my jewelry stores. Again, 48 hours is the cap on reserves. After that, if the item has not been purchased, it will go off reserve and back up for grabs in my store.

I will try out this new policy and see how it works out.  Be aware, I am contemplating eliminating the reserves option altogether to make things easier, stream-lined, and more fair for non-facebook customers and blog readers.

I'm also playing around with having scheduled updates on a set date and time. With a preview flyer that goes out a day or two ahead of time. What are your thoughts on this? Would this be helpful for those of you who don't follow me on Facebook but just follow my shop updates?


  1. Awesome post - I am excited to try Smores. Already signed up. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, a preview flyer would be great! I don't really do facebook.

  3. Well, I love easy! I've liked your fb page, so I'm all set for the good news! :)


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