Yakkity Yak- Trip Two: South Inlet

Something you may not know about me.

I'm not a very outdoorsy type of person. I'm really not. I am deathly afraid of bees (nope, not allergic just scared) and I hate bugs of pretty much every kind. Lately the sun bothers me- It makes me itch.

But I'm trying. REALLY. I'm trying very hard to change these things. So the kayaking adventures I hope, will help.

Today we jetted up north to the Adirondacks again, and found a nice journey called South Inlet which is a calm waterway (4miles round trip) that empties into Raquette Lake.
It was a lovely location, very scenic. We did not see much in the way of wildlife.  At the end of the stream, there was a waterfall that emptied down into the inlet, but the black flies were so fierce here, that we didn't stick around long and paddled our way back to the truck.

 Here is the put in, kind of a little stepped pathway down to the water.

Black flies were thick. We were covered in bug spray and sunscreen. But they were relentless.

But the view was promising!

It wasn't too bad out on the water. Pretty easy to paddle on the way to the waterfall but on the way back I really struggled to keep my kayak straight. The water kept trying turn me around which frustrated me. It was a long paddle back to the truck.

This sums up my feeling on BLACK FLIES.

We stopped in at Daikers, on the way home, for some lunch. It's a nice bar/restaurant situated right on  Fourth Lake and had a nice deck out on the back. I enjoyed that margarita- muy bueno.

 Smiling again!

Didn't see any heart shaped rocks this time around- bummer! But I'll be looking for them on my future trips!

What a gorgeous day for an adventure like this. 80 and sunny.

See ya later, I'm off to put on some bug bite juice to sooth the black fly bites,  and some aloe for this itchy sunburn.


  1. Anonymous6/01/2014

    It looks so beautiful. I feel the same way about bees, wasps and hornets as you do. Terrified.

  2. Awesome! I'm loving these posts about your trips with Joe. I'm kind of the same way, too. I LOVE the outdoors, but also super scared of bees and don't like anything crawling on me! Ack, no. Watch out for ticks. Check yourselves real good before going inside. They are SO BAD this year. Josh and Nora were just at the playground and they came home with one. This playground isn't even in a woodsy area or anything. I'm afraid to go outside. They freak me out so bad.

  3. I want to go there....This is the perfect type of Vacation for me and my Hubby! I am more like you and can do with out the bugs but that location is gorgeous! Did you rent the Kayaks?

    1. Nope we bought them a few weeks ago!

  4. This place is wonderful, it seems to be so quite, the perfect environment to relax....i want to come

  5. June is the worst month for black flies in ADK- very brave of you to take on that venture! I am with you on the dislike for bugs and insects. Spiders freak me out the most! Looks like you had a serenely beautiful kayaking trip. We vacation in Inlet every year, it is a lovely town! We will be there in July for our annual vacation and seeing your photos makes me long for it's arrival! Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  6. You look very happy--even after the black flies! The margarita looks delicious---wish I could have joined you....for the margarita, not the black flies! :)

  7. I'm with you. I like the IDEA of being outdoors, but inevitably bugs chase me back inside. Ticks are super bad this year, and I hate them the most.


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