A Photo Diary of California

We arrived Thursday night and caught this gorgeous sunset. 

We stayed in this Melrose inspired hotel in the heart of downtown L.A. A little sketchy
but we are a tough group. We handled it.

Friday, Amy took me to some bead shops in L.A. Beads and More, BergerBeads- they reminded me of NYC bead shops. Both were really cool. We had a blast.

I got yelled at for taking these pics, but they said as long as they didn't have staff in them.  :)

One of the employees took this pic of us one our way out. 

Walking back to the car, we ran into a pretty sweet flower shop that had these beauties outside on display. Had to snap a quick pic. So pretty!

After the bead shopping we grabbed some lunch at Philippe's and had french dip sandwiches that were to die for.

We went and hung out at The Grove and kept our eyes peeled for celebrities. None. 

Amy smelled every candle in Anthropologie.

I fell in love with the Jacaranda trees.

We chilled at Amy's hotel til Joe was out of his meetings that day.

Enjoyed a fun ride back to our hotel with the top down in Mimi miata.

Amy discovers SNAPCHAT. Look OUT.

We took countless selfies and had good gut laughs.

Saturday we drove down to Venice Beach. And walked the mile to the water. Man, that beach was huge. The ocean was Frigid.

We took more selfies. Well, cuz that's how we roll.

We drove to Santa Monica. And at at this amazing food truck parked right by the ocean. Amy enjoyed the Fish sliders, and I had a fish rice bowl. Both outstanding. 

To continue one with the California Bead Tour of 2014 (*named by Diana P! ) we
enjoyed the afternoon at Beadahs which was AWESOME. 

Had to document some palm trees. I mean come on. They're everywhere.
I like this artsy fartsy shot.

We refreshed ourselves with Sangrias after the bead shopping. A great little spanish tapas joint in Santa Monica.

Saturday night we whisked Joe away from it all and went to Newport Beach where we enjoyed some In N Out Burger and checked out the Super Moon at the pier. A gorgeous night!


Amy took me to the Rosebowl Flea Market in Pasadena On Sunday. An ENORMOUS flea market full of the most amazing things. It was brutally hot on that pavement. But this tin made it all worth it.

Some shots of the beads I brought home!

 This trip was priceless for me. Worth every airplane mile, and every dollar spent on parking. To spend 4 days with one of my best bead BFF's - it just doesn't get any better than that. I count down the days til I can back out there!


  1. Love being part of this virtual bead shopping and friend visiting trip to Calif. Wonderful pictures of beads and food and palm trees ( I can never get enough of them. ) Thanks so much for putting all this together for us!!!

  2. I love the pictures and the story behind them. Bead shops and bead people rock. Thanks for posting

  3. Loved your photos and travelogue of Southern California. Even though I live in Rancho Palos Verdes (one hour south of LA, you showed me some places I need to visit. You certainly found some beauties and I can't wait to see what you put together. I loved both your happy smiles! Lynn Carling :)

  4. Some wonderful pictures in this photo diary! Looks like an incredible vacation :)

  5. You two are so cute! What a fun trip! There is nothing finer than best bead buddies. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. What a fabulous trip you had!! ... and you missed the best part of California - the northern part. :-) I'm drooling over the beads. I'm really trying to cut back, but is it possible?

  7. It was so fun! I miss you already - lets do it again soon (how does next week sound LOL)

  8. Aw, that was cool. I can't imagine how much fun it must have been! Great idea. :)

  9. I am drooling over those beads! Lucky You! California is always gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your trip. It looks like you had a great time.

  10. Yes - welcome to our cold water LOL! The main current off the California coast brings only cold water our way so our waves are always...brisk and refreshing...yeah, I'll go with that :-) Wish I'd known you were in Newport - would have loved to catch up with you!

  11. The flea market would have been so fun! I'd love to go on a girl trip with folks to NY. I went there when I was heavy into knitting and hit that district (cashmere for a tiny sweater for Zack was the splurge. Then since I was sewing vintage buttons onto paper, vintage fabric, and vintage wallpaper, we visited the ribbon places. I hadn't a thought at all about beads at the time - no, I lie. We went into one store but all I was looking for was seed beads to sew with on the cards.

    Glad you have fun!

  12. Looks like you both enjoyed every minute! I LOVE that tin!!!!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it.


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