Necklace Deconstructed

 I crafted this deerskin leather tassel with an old vintage bone button that I tied around the tassel with teal linen cording.  I kinda like the longer length of the tassel. Pulled out my big box o' orphan beads. This is the best way to use up these bead box beads. You know, the left overs when you're working on a project. Mine get thrown into a little dish. Well about a week or 2 ago, I emptied about 3 dishes of these into a box, and every now and then, I paw through it. 

I knotted a variety of  beads onto some waxed linen cording.  The trick to this is keeping the beads in generally the same size.  

Green Girl Studios recently rolled out a bunch of new pendants and this gorgeous eye/hand pendant was in this batch. I added it to the necklace along with the tassel. The pairing is very boho.

For the clasp, I used a cool patina teal Greek Washer bead from Stinky Dog beads, and added a bronze star button on top of it to create kind of a button. The hook slips around the back. 

The necklace measures about 19 inches long. And is available here.


  1. Such a great idea for all the leftovers! That is usually my one irritant when I work on a project, I don't want to have to store a bunch of beads with no matches. Thanks!

  2. Love the colour here! I have such big boxes of mixed beads, I could make enough left over bead jewellery for a whole stall, I'm sure - I'm not the tidiest.....

  3. Anonymous5/08/2015

    Hi Lorelei, your book is one of the most inspiring books I ever saw ! all projects are very attractive, I admire your beautiful work and artistic sense :-) vraiment très joli, couleurs parfaites, bravo !!!


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