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I have an "almost complete" set of every Stringing magazine that was EVER published. It's always been my favorite magazines, even from that first issue I bought back in 2007. It has been published since 2004 - I was lucky enough to snag several back issues from my local bead store at the time.  But there were a few that I didn't get. The other day I remembered and looked on Ebay and found the issue from Fall 2004 available for $5.99. Snagged it!!

Even though it's an older issue there are definitely techniques that I hadn't seen before! Like this amazing necklace where seed beaded loops slip over the end acrylic slice and catch on the little seed bead. That is amazing!! When the ends come together, the larger seed bead loop fits over the larger end of the acrylic bead and the smaller one fits on the tapered end. Genius eh?

There is always something new to learn even in back issues of your favorite magazines!  I did a regular google search for other 2004 issues and found this one too! I can't wait to get it - it may be the last issue I need to complete my collection.


  1. Julie B7/01/2014

    I am glad to see other people like complete magazine collections lol. That loop thing is really cool.

  2. You've posted the covers of two of my very favorite issues of "Stringing"...and the ones that are starting to fall apart because I've thumbed through them so often. I have to admit, I kind of miss the way they used to do the "ginormous pile o' beads" look on those covers...so luscious looking!

  3. I have almost every issue of the old Bead Trends except for when it went digital. I could kick myself for going digital although at the time I was intrigued by saving space. I know how you feel.

  4. That's cool! I look back in my old issues from time to time an recently had a customer contact me looking for a pendant that I did 5 years ago!!


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