Show Season Prep

I only have 2 shows this season to prepare for. My open house, down the road in November (Nov.22) and the Sharon Springs Harvest Festival next weekend! (Sept20-21)  I wanted to also sign up for the Indie Garage Sale Holiday Shoppes but it falls on the same day of Joe's high school reunion so it didn't work out.  I'm kind of hoping something else pops up maybe in October but I'm not sure it'll happen.

At any rate, I have to some stock built up for the shows. Next weekend's Harvest Festival is my biggest show of the season. They get a ton of traffic, even though it's a tiny little town. The show always brings the big Beekman Boys crowd. But this year is a little different. Etsy will be there. Yep. ETSY!  So I got an email a few weeks ago asking if I'd like to be considered for the Etsy Makers Village, a separate section of the show dedicated only to Etsy sellers. They made us aware that we'd be "considered" but not everyone would be accepted (probably due to space constraints)  I finally got the email yesterday that I got in!

THIS IS WONDERFUL!  However, it adds that much more pressure to have a great looking booth!! For some reason, I feel panicked. I don't think I'll have time to make a lot of big changes to my booth and display. But it does have me thinking of how to bump it up a notch so that I stand out!
The potential to be near more jewelry booths is higher in this new location.

Here's what last years booth looked like.  Not sure I'm going to bring my mannequin this year. But we'll see, I like using it to display my long necklaces.  And I've already started making a bundle of them for the show.

People love this style, it's a nice long comfortable, and they're not too heavy. A nice little attention grabber and they can be worn any time. I tried doing a few different styles and colors.

I like the idea of maintaining collections for the show, so I may do this again with something like my multi-strand bracelets or mixed media Collections necklaces.  What would you do to build small collections. What are the most popular items that sell in your shows? Besides earrings?  I will definitely need to be amping up my earring selection too because that's probably the best thing that sells for me.

Might have to do a bunch of these leather and fabric bracelets too. They seem to get a lot of attention at shows.

Another idea I had, was to do a big bunch of beaded bangles and have a U PICK 3 for a set price.  I like this idea of people being able to choose their own. That is something that would definitely attract me at a booth.

Another great seller for me are these Tin Post earrings. So I definitely have to get some of those made up to have in a display by the checkout station!

busy busy busy, better get back to work!!