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If you are ever looking for some new fonts, patterns for your blog, themes for your website or just some inspiration for your online presence I recommend! What a great site! I got lost in it for hours yesterday morning and I'm not kidding. There are so many great images you can purchase, fonts, and even freebies each week. 

I love all of the options for things like icons for your blog, and hundreds of fonts available too. If you want your site to be unique, this is a great place to start shopping around. Thinking of how to brand your shop or business cards? They've got you covered there too. You can design your own business cards or create your very own icon. Many of the options do require certain software to edit them, so make sure you pay attention in each of the listings to see what you'll need. I love how each of the listings includes this little info box that tells you what each option includes.


  1. This looks interesting although I'm not sure if I'm computer savvy enough to use it! I'm thinking of starting a new blog so I'll have to spend more time checking it out. Thanks.

    1. Some of it I think is more for an experienced person with Illustrator. That's not something I have but I did some some other options that don't require that software, and I know that I can definitely utilize things like fonts. Let me know if you try any of it out!

  2. Anonymous9/02/2014

    Thank's for the info, I still not sure how it works but I have in mind for the future this new social media world is a little overwhelming, work a regular job, create your art in free time, family, and try keep track of new trends.......ufff!


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