Weekend Recap

How can it be Wednesday already?? I have had some serious trouble catching back up after the weekend at Harvest Festival.  It was a wonderful weekend show, really well attended, and the weather could not be better. We were a little nervous about Sunday's forecast of rain but it never hit us til we got home.  Thanks GOD!

This was the first year that Harvest Festival was sponsored by Etsy. I hope this do this again next year!  All participating Etsy sellers were segregated to one street downtown, Sharon Springs. At first I was a little hesitant with this location because it's kind of the edge of town and I worried that visitors wouldn't know to travel all the way down to get this area, but surprisingly traffic was quite heavy on Saturday. Lots of maps and signage directed people to our area.

It seemed tight at first but there was plenty of room for people to travel up the center of the road.  I dare say I feel like I got better traffic being in this location as opposed to my other locations in past years.  Etsy did a nice job of organizing everything, and they had a tent at the end of the street, where they gave out literature about signing up to sell and buy there.

Other than a little wind, the weather was fantastic. No cell service but that's no surprise. Why on earth they don't set up a hotspot for vendors for this show, is beyond me. It would have really helped me out a lot. Instead, I took down all credit card info and ran the cards from home each night using my Paypal Here app. Which I just switched to from Square and love it so much more. And the money ends up in my paypal account immediately, no waiting 3 days for the money to drop into my bank account!

I saw some vendors in Etsy alley that I recognize, but many that I just learned about this weekend. Met some fantastic people and bought a few things too. I got 2 flavors of jam from Palmer & Brown. I loved their graphics, the products are so tasty and they were so friendly! I recommend shopping from them! www.Palmerandbrown.com   I got the Blueberry Lime jam and the Apricot Vanilla jam. YUM. Be sure to check out their gorgeous website. And Etsy shop.

I also picked up a new little punch needle embroidery hoop from my friend Erin at Harp & Thistle.  I actually have the bluebird that I saw featured on Martha Stewart....and as I was walking by the booth, recognized it, exclaiming That is is my Bathroom!! Erin came right over and we hit it off right away. It was so cool to chat with her and meet the artist behind some fantastic artwork. I had to have this owl. had to!

The first day I set my booth up with one table at the forefront, and the other in an L shape inside.  For a little extra color in my booth I used some vintage floral tablecloths and some cute fabric bunting that my friend Tara let me borrow.

On day two, I moved the front table inside the tent, to the left side, and kept the other table at the right side. Creating a U shape, just for something a little different.

I sold several copies of my book *yay!, and lots and lots of tin stud and lever back earrings! Those were definitely what drew people into my booth and I wished I had made more!

All in all, the best show for me sales wise, ever. Really feels good to be able to sell my art, and make a little living on doing what I love. Life is good.


  1. Congratulations on your best show ever.

  2. Julie B9/24/2014

    Your display is beautiful. Looks like it was an awesome weekend, thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  3. congrats Lorelei! it must feel great to be out there selling - love the booth and the set up. looks fantastic

  4. I'm glad it went so well! Your booth really looks nice with the vintage tablecloths, distressed wood and colorful bunting. I would swoop right in if I were at the show!

  5. Congrats on your show. Sounds like it was a great weekend.

  6. I love the pops of colorful fabric in your booth. It looks so cheery! Congrats on such a great sale! After all the hard work that goes into it, having a great show must be such a satisfying feeling.

  7. How fun would that be? Love your booth, too!

  8. It was so awesome to meet you and see your work! I'm so glad you love your owl and bluebird. :)

  9. debra freeland9/29/2014

    So Fun!!!! Your booth looks like a real stand out from the crowd. Good luck and much more success in the future


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