3 by 3 App- the future of fashion

I was contacted recently and offered a chance to pre-register for a new app that's coming soon in Spring of 2015, called 3 by 3. #3x3app is a fashion-charged social platform where designers and brands can maintain a small 3x3 space to share current designs and connect with other people, brands, and maybe even new customers. 

More details:

- 3 by 3 app is an especially attractive platform for users with interests in fashion, beauty, and style, and for brands seeking the most organic social media integrations possible within their target audience.

- The sooner that users, brands, and designers join, the greater exposure they will have - with respect to other brands and designers on the platform - upon our public launch and after. 

On the app, designers will be able to have a verified brand account with various integrated social media capabilities, the ability to upload their collections and have a brand profile that carves a unique space on the app.

I'm sharing this information with you, here, now- so that I may gain a bit of a head start to get more exposure and develop my following early. 

To sign up, go to www.3by3app.com and click Reserve Your Spot. 
Fill in your name, instagram account, app name, email, 
and when it asks you for the 
Code, if Applicable 
use my code be my follower "loreleieurto". 
Then you can have special early access to the app
Remember to check your email after you register for the next steps.

 I'm looking forward to seeing all of you there!