Micheals Beading Challenge Blog Hop with a Twist

Hi Everyone!!

Time for a new Beading Challenge/Blog hop!!

Heather Powers of Humblebeads, and I are teaming up again to host another Michael's Beading Challenge and blog hop.  Above, you'll see a beautiful photo and color palette taken by Heather- this jumpstarted this challenge after a recent trip to Michael's where she picked out these beauties to match her photo:

We want you to play along!

Go to your Michael's craft store and buy these beads. This week, for an extra incentive to play along, the Bead Gallery beads are 40% off! There is an extra 25% coupon off even sale items today. Check the coupon page for details.

The bead details:

So here are the rules: 

You must have a blog to participate. It's a blog hop! 

Don't have one but want to start one? I have a nice ecourse on setting up a blogger blog from start to finish. Get it here. 

Use the beads shown here, and you can add in up to 2 additional bead types to your design. 

And the twist? Let's also support small businesses. 

If  you are able, have your +2 types of beads from a beadmaker, local bead store or indie bead seller online. Your +2 beads can be ones you pick up for the challenge or ones in your stash. Make sure you include a shout out to the small business that you are supporting in your blog post.

Create any piece of jewelry you like, with the beads, using your own choice of focal.  If you want to make a necklace, and some matching bracelet and earrings... the sky is the limit.

Choose any design you like, using any technique - that'll be the fun part of the whole thing- to see what different things you can do with these same beads.

Don't have a Michael's near you? Not to worry! If you find similar beads somewhere like Hobby Lobby, go ahead and use 'em.  Seeing what everyone does with similar beads, is half the fun. If you can't find a particular bead strand at Michael's feel free to substitute a similar one. 

Reveal Date: December 18th

If you want to participate -  Head on over to Heather's Humblebeads blog the morning of December 18th (reveal Day) and use the Link Up tool to add your blog links. I find this to be the easiest way to keep track of all the participants. So mark your calendars, buy the beads, create beautiful things, and get your blog posts ready for December 18th for a great hop. 

We know it's a crazy busy time of year - use the challenge to make a gift or two. You'll have an interesting blog post and an item checked off your holiday gift list - get two things done at once! 

Please feel free to leave comments on this post, or questions too.


  1. I love the palette (and the twist!)

  2. I love the inspiration piece. It is a beauty!

  3. Anonymous11/26/2014

    Gorgeous colors!

  4. Your challenges are always fun. I will certainly participate. And I already know I bought out all those brown ceramic beads from my Michaels ;-) Enjoy the day, Miss Lorelei! Erin


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