A Monthly Subscription: FOR BEADS!

You may have seen online, via Facebook or other social media the popular trend out there for subscription services, from Razors, to Snack foods, to Beauty products- delivered once a month for a monthly or annual fee. Right to your mailbox.

Have you ever secretly wished, like I have, that there was one for BEADS?  Well our wishes have been granted ladies!!

Introducing: Blueberry Cove Beads! Based out of Nova Scotia Canada, self-confessed bead addict Isobel has created a monthly bead subscription service all on her own.

Pay just $22 a month,  your credit card charged on the 3rd of each month
and you'll receive a special curated box of beads. Each month there is a special theme and the beads will all coordinate within that theme. Each box will contain between 9 and 13 different items. Here are some images of the sort of thing to expect in each monthly box (please bear in mind all the boxes will be different, this is an average).

Here is this month's box:

Overall I was quite pleased with the offerings this month, and the theme is great! Right up my alley!

This sweet little postcard was included in the package explaining the 'Woodland' theme. And the coolest part, is, if you participate in the challenge, creating a piece of jewelry with at least 2 of the components you can win the next box for free!

I already have ideas in my head with quite a few of the components in this box!

Here is a close up shot of the components:

 Sweet little brass leaves, a nice long strand of unikite rounds, wood tube beads, glass leaves, and a few large whole ceramic spacers.

 I love these little leaf clasps, and tree charms....the lucite leaves are a really nice addition too! The copper acorns are heavy and really nice quality! That bird branch focal is to die for! The two glass focals, fox, and donut aren't really my cup of tea but I'm sure this style appeals to other beaders.

All in all it's a nice variation of different components and really you can't beat it for that price of $22!  Shipping everywhere in North America for an additional $5.  Not bad at all!

I'm totally sold on this concept, how bout you??  Sign up now for next month's box here. Or get your favorite pal signed up, there is a gift subscription option also!

I gotta go sign up for next month's box, see ya!


  1. Wow. What a great concept! When I saw your post on FB I assumed that YOU were starting to do this! You have a great eye and I could totally see you doing this. I love the concept and will check it out (as if I need more beads! But really, can you have too many?!) Thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Ah I really wish I had known about this last week when everyone was asking what I wanted for Christmas! Thanks for sharing off to have a look and maybe sign up!

  3. Yes, Lori, you should do a subscription service, too!

  4. Oh this is so cool, love how they are going to do a challenge every month too, i love products that have an experience that go along with them, very cool, thanks for sharing, i think you could totally do this as well, with your harbinger components, that would be awesome id love a toggle and some bead caps every month! I'll l keep dreaming lol!

  5. Great idea! Nice to see a fellow Nova Scotian bead lover spreading beady joy!

  6. ha - I was thinking the same as Miss Erin that you would be creating these packages!

  7. Thanks for informing us of this Lorelei! I have signed up and can't wait for my first package!

  8. Hi Lori! I find this is a good idea, but after seeing the beads included I can't help but wonder if they aren't using some chinese components in the boxes (e.g. the owl). I personally stick to US or EU materials, so this isn't my cup of tea.

  9. Julie B12/31/2014

    Thanks for sharing this I think it's a great idea. I tend to gravitate towards the same materials all the time so this could be fun to collect new items. I like the bead that is African looking in the picture.


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