Guest Post: Designer Mary DeTray

I recently became aware of a new designer out there, her name is Mary DeTray of Brass Rabbit Studio... and I haven't seen someone work eclectic bohemian inspired components this well in quite a while. I was truly smitten the first time I spotted her designs on Facebook.

And so, I thought it would be a great opportunity to reach out to her to make a new friend, and to see if she wanted to do a little guest post for the blog. I sent her a little goody bag full of some items from my jewelry accord store.....

Some Deerskin leather, in dark and light brown,
a linen cord palette, Forest Floor
and some Batik ribbon.

And just for grins, I sent her a tin link, with a butterfly on it- thinking she would enjoy the extra gift but surprised me and used it in her final design!

Here is what she had to say....

"I've been a highly creative person ever since I can remember. I've also been making jewelry since i was a child, it obviously was more macaroni style back then but jewelry nonetheless. I didn't really start getting serious about it until about a year ago, when I went through quite a rough patch in my life- that's a completely different story entirely, but when I was recovering from that period of my life is when I found beading! I stopped by my local Shipwreck Beads one day after work and ended up leaving with half the store! After that I quickly started accumulating way too much jewelry to keep for myself and began making it for friends and family. Everyone I gifted my jewelry to urged me to try to get serious about selling it and so Brass Rabbit Studio was opened on November 10th, a little less than a month ago! It has been amazing ever since, I get so happy and excited with each and every sale... that someone else finds a piece of my jewelry they want to make their own. It just feels like a dream come true!"

"I've always loved incorporating fiber into my pieces. I feel like it gives them a warm, and charming quality you can't get using chain and metal findings alone.  All of the cord, leather and ribbon I used in these pieces were from Lorelei Eurto's JewelryAccord shop on Etsy. I love how they all came together. The sweet little toggle was made by her as well and just fits this piece so perfectly! The bee bead and connector are from Slate Studios Supply on Etsy.

 I love how she wrapped this loop/link with the fabric batik ribbon- What a gorgeous look and extra softness....and she secured it with some of the linen cording. Really nice huh!?

 They are both So pretty! This sweet wrap bracelet design is just perfect with the braided ribbon, some fringe chain and beads. Love that leaf component- it's a perfect pairing with that Bee bead.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did!   These pieces will be available for sale soon in Mary's Etsy store! 
ALSO!- Enjoy 20% off in her shop today and tomorrow, using coupon code FROMLORELEI


  1. Lorelei, I am so thrilled that you quickly noticed Mary's talent and skill. Bringing her in for a guest post, reaching out to her and acknowledging her work when she is still so new to Etsy is a very special gesture. Praise, encouragement, and acknowledgement of her work from someone as talented as you are is a wonderful gift. Go You! :) And Go Mary! I have no doubt we are reading about a woman who is destined to have a very successful creative career. These two pieces are wonderful, Mary. Have Fun! And thank you again, Lorelei, for introducing her to all those who follow your blog.

    1. HI Norbel Marolla! Thanks for stopping by to see Mary's post! I have had some pretty great people in the business encourage me throughout the years, and I can only pay it forward!! I really love Mary's designs, and I do agree, she's got a great creative career ahead of her!

  2. Thanks for the intro! Her work is wonderful.

    1. Hi Ann, Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you like it!!

  3. Thanks again Lorelei it was so much fun!

    1. I'm excited to see what you make (if you are participating) in the Michael's challenge.

    2. Mary-
      We;re neighbors! I live in Oly too! You should come to the Oly Etsy team meetings!

  4. Mary is indeed a remarkable and inventive soul... thanks for introducing her to me!

  5. Mary lives in the same town that I do and I didn't even know her. What a happy discovery. Thanks Lorelei!


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