I spent some time this afternoon and cleaned up my online stores. I discounted a slew of items in my webstore and on Etsy (in the Clearance and Sale Sections) So check that out. Items discounted up to 40% off!! That's a HUGE deal, and they won't be around long- I will be deactivating the listings in a few days.  Snag em while you can!

I also tried cleaning up my Indiemade store, and got rid of many sold listings, to make room for new listings. That was a process. I hope that Indiemade creates an easier way to edit listings, because one at a time takes a hella long time.

I was feeling motivated today I guess. I also rearranged my office. I have been meaning to tackle this for several months now and finally I just decided to do it. Sometimes rearranging a room is really the only and best way to clean a room. You should have seen the size of the dust bunnies. I'm lucky I got out alive.  I love the new set up and I love that feeling you get after purging a bunch of junk.

I'm spent!

I photographed and finally got these 4 necklaces listed in my Etsy store - these were all published in Michelle Mach's book, Unexpected Findings.  If you didn't get it yet, Put it on that Christmas wish list! It's a good one!


  1. Beautiful work - love all of these! I need to spring clean my studio too - dreading it!

  2. oooh... the fabric cord half-loops are an great new element in the mix!

  3. Anonymous12/05/2014

    Very innovative designs! Love them all!

  4. Loving Michelle's new book, and your designs! especially that last necklace .... love it's swing

  5. Beautiful peaces. Luv them all ...


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