Michael's Beading Challenge and Blog Hop: My Reveal

When Heather asked me if I wanted to co-host another Michael's Beading challenge I jumped at the chance. Heather picks out the prettiest beads ever, and we always have a good time gleaming major inspiration, especially from this snowy photo above. The color palette for this challenge is full of beautiful muted mauve, brown, blue-green, and grey tones. 

The idea was not only to use the beads from Michaels, shown above, plus two additional bead types to our designs; But to do our best in supporting LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES.  I can't wait to show you what I created, lets get to it shall we!?

Inspired by the idea of the Christmas song, "Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go...", I created this delightfully Winter inspired Necklace.


Ceramic house bead and Snowflake Link- Kylie Parry
A wood Nugget- Rich Kibbons
Ceramic Button- Jean Christen
Matte pewter seed beads- FusionBeads

I simply strung the Ceramic rounds up around the back of the necklace, finishing it with a button and hoop enclosure.  I placed the house bead on the left, and the snowflake on the right. Wire wrapping all those glass beads took a little extra time but the fun movement and fringy effect was worth the trouble! To add a little extra interest, I included a frostier section below the snowflake connector using just the frosted glass, and some faceted Crystal barrels.

I had a nice number of beads leftover so I created a matching Bracelet using one of Kylie Parry's Pine Cone/ branch coin beads, more of Rich's wood branch beads, and a section of the wire wrapped glass beads. The Hammered textured toggle is from Tierra Cast.

And finally some matching earrings!

The earring wires are from Vintaj Brass Co.

What a fun way to stay inspired this wintery season. I am really excited to see what Heather and all of the other participants created with these lovely Bead Gallery beads from Michael's

Be sure to head on over to the Humblebeads Blog to see what the other players created!


  1. Three really beautiful pieces. Your necklace was a labor of love, but worth the effort. It's a show-stopper for sure. I love the mix of rustic pieces with the sparkle, it very much captures a snow-covered forest! Thank you for joining in the fun!

  2. I love all your designs, as usual! What an amazing set to wear to a holiday party.

  3. That necklace is gorgeous!

  4. Hi Lorelei

    Thanks for hosting the challenge with Heather.

    I agree with all the comments made so far. Great job on all the pieces. I especially like the bracelet with all its rustic tones.

    Bijoux Gems Joy

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Everything is beautiful but I particularly like the necklace! Was really looking forward to seeing your interpretation of the painting/palette and you did not disappoint!

  7. Just Lovely Lorelei really lovely!!

  8. Pure magic you are Lorelei, the necklace is just wonerful and that bracelet too cute, and the earings are the cherry on top! Love them all!

  9. I really like how you used the tear drop shaped beads to where they look like old-school Christmas light bulbs. I love the shine, the sparkle, the color combination, the use of art beads and your signature style all come together in a gorgeous set. That necklace is absolutely gorgeous. Will you keep it for yourself?

  10. Great designs! The glass beads remind me of Christmas bulbs.


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