2015 Crafters Market: BOOK REVIEW

Today I'm quickly reviewing this new book out by F&W Media. 2015 Crafters Market, How to Sell your Crafts and Make a Living.

By Kelly Biscopink
Fons & Porter / F+W

In the 2015 Crafter’s Market creative entrepreneurs will discover: 
  • Complete, up-to-date information for more than 1,000 craft market resources, including craft shows, magazines, book publishers, online marketplaces and more
  • Markets for a variety of crafts, including quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, papercrafting and jewelry making.
  • Articles on the basics of freelancing—from basic copyright information to tips on promoting your work
  • Informative articles on social media marketing, wholesale and consignment sales, and pricing your crafts
  • Helpful and resourceful worksheets, tax information, and business guides
  • Inspiring and informative interviews with successful craft professionals such as Tula Pink, Andrea Currie (Winner of TLC’s Craft Wars), Grace Dobush, and Margot Potter

A few tidbits of information I learned from this book:

- There is nothing more helpful than actual interviews from Crafter's about their experiences with selling their craft. 
- Ever thought of writing a book on your craft? Did you know it's not just about the writing but about the selling of the proposal? That's what will get you a book deal- This book has great tips.
- I discovered at least 20 other online venues for online marketplaces that I have never known about before now!
- There isn't always a perfect pricing formula for your work. Sometimes trial and error are the best way.

Here's my (incredibly impromptu, shoddy, but charming video review)


  1. Ugh, just wrote a long comment and blogger has deleted it. Hate that! Thanks to the review - it worked, I've just downloaded the Ebook. And yes, I hear you on the branding issue - me too!

  2. They (Fons and Porter) have been very successful quilters, authors, TV persona for years. Good to know...thanks for the info and review!


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