Affinity for Brass

I find myself doing that so often. Sit down to work and in the end of the jewelry coordinates because I seem to gravitate towards one common element, like today. Brass.   I love the warm hue and the vintage feel it gives to my jewelry and it's probably my most favorite metal to work with. I especially love the already darkened components by Vintaj Brass Co. They seem to just work with everything.

This double strand bracelet with the flirty fringe chain has my heart all a-flutter. I paired it with some vintage bar chain and these cool leaf charms that I made into links by adding a few extra holes with my Europunch.  Never be afraid to alter a metal component unless it's handmade- that's a no no.

These earrings were inspired by Candie Cooper's earrings in her newest book, Earringology. I loved the idea of stringing chain onto a cord, and in her earrings she used straight sections of rubber tubing. In my version I added some fringy paddle chain to metallic leather cording, and formed into this big teardrop shape.

Love these beautiful bronze leaf connectors from Lesley Watt of TheaElements. I paired them with some large round link chain from  Jess Imports, and smaller cable chain. Then did a few wire wrapped sections using gold seed beads, and faceted magnetic beads.

What is your favorite metal to work with? Do you find yourself gravitating towards one in particular?

Hope you all had a nice Friday!!  


  1. Very Lovely Lorelei!

  2. Love how my Mayan focal looks in your bracelet design - right at home!

  3. Such great designs in brass! The bracelets are my favorites. I love all the antiqued metals. You always do such a lovely job pulling a design together :)

  4. When I first started making jewelry the trend was sterling. Then I found a Jewelry book at Barnes & Noble that had Vintaj components.Like you, I fell in love with the warmth of the brass and now I use it all the time..
    Your pieces are just beautiful.

  5. I like both sterling silver and natural brass the best. I find both easy to work with and I like the look of both.

  6. Hi Lorelei, I use all the different metals but I have found myself drawn more to brass lately also. The bracelet with the flower chain is lovely and I am attracted to the loop earrings too.


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