A beady Plea

Dear Richelle of Shipwreck Dandy.

It appears that I am already out of these gorgeous multi color faceted polymer nuggets from you. I have had such a good time using the few that I had, and it did not take long to use them up. I know you must get asked to make them time and time again.

Oh Please. Could you make more!?  Pretty please....

These are some other things listed in your ETSY shop that has my heart all a-flutter....



Sincerely yours, forever and ever,


  1. A post on your blog introduced me to Shipwreck Dandy Supply, so thank you for that! I've ordered from there several times and always see more goodies I want. I'll just throw my vote in with yours about the nuggets!

  2. Omg I ju got a pack from her- I used it, like, overnight. And it usually takes me ages to incorporate new supplies!

  3. Love Richelle!! <3 She is so inspiring!

  4. Anonymous3/18/2015

    Surely your love letter will melt her heart! I'm so taken with your wood bead necklace with that gorgeous pop of color.

  5. Flatterer(s)! I SUPPOOOOOse I could make more. Stay tuned. In the meantime, for anyone wanting to try their hand at it, I have a free tutorial at the Sculpey website for the faceted beads linked at my blog: http://shipwreckdandy.blogspot.com/ 3rd item/photo down on the left sidebar. Thanks, Lorelei, et. al.

    1. for the record, i will never make them myself. i hate polymer. we are not friends. so let me know when you have more made up. xoxoxoxo thank you!!!!!!

    2. I remember you mentioning that! I just get questions about the possibility of a tute sometimes, and this one is back up after many months of being AWOL at Sculpey while they redesigned their site, so I thought I would show the link. I will send you some of the mosaic facets soon!


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