Bit by the Knitting Bug

I have been meaning to write this blog post for a few weeks now, but time has been escaping me each day!

Several months ago I noticed a post from my friend Nancy Adams, on Facebook, about how she was back at her knitting loom for the Winter. I ran out and bought one. A small plastic pegged Knitting Board brand sock loom. And promptly got to work learning some basics, and trying it out. It seemed a lot harder than it looked and I guess, at the time, I wasn't really patient enough to learn more about what I was doing wrong and so it was thrown on a shelf and was forgotten.

Until a few weeks ago when Nancy posted a picture of the most gorgeous colorful loom knit scarf she was working on with gorgeous baby Alpaca yarn. This time, I ran out and bought a metal peg Knitting board loom, the 10 inch model. Got some yarn and threw together this first cowl in a matter of days.

I was. SMITTEN. to say the least.

What is not to love about a nice little hobby that I can do while sitting in front of the TV during these last few cold snowy months of winter. And the instant gratification, I am learning, is what I love best about it.

I joined Ravelry - if you want to see more details about any of the finished pieces in my blog post, head on over to my page there.
You will need to sign up to see stuff on the site though- but its worth very little effort. Lots of great forums, and lots of inspiration and people to connect with!

After that, I bought another loom. and another loom. And now I have : the 10 inch loom,
the All in One Knittingboard loom, a set of round looms much like the nifty knitter looms, and the smallest, Tadpole loom. Check out to see details on all of their looms.
I was able to find a large selection of looms available at Joann fabric if you want to check them out in person.

Here's a smattering of other things I've made since starting this new hobby!

Many looms and many yarn purchases later... and I am still loving it. That's a good sign!  I just wanted to write this post to get the word out on this great little tool. The knitting loom has been around since well, a long freakin time, but there is definitely a lack of many tutorials and books on the topic, and magazines won't TOUCH tutorials for loom projects for some reason. It is very bizarre.

So, I challenge you to get yourself a loom. Play around, practice makes perfect, and try coming up with your own design and submit it, share it on social media, get the word out there!!  I know many talented people that are really capable of bringing this craft to the next level!!!!

Here is my most recent project.... I created this little clutch by myself. It wasn't a pattern. I just played around and had some ideas and brought them to fruition and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome!!

I knitted the panel on my 10 inch knitting board .... using Manos Wool Clasica in Uranium.
I have been thinking about how I wanted to branch out from making usual scarves, hats, gloves or cowls. And starting instead thinking: Accessories. So I thought I'd try out a clutch. the 10 inch loom seemed like the perfect size. I had bought this yarn which is really interesting by the way .... kind of thin and thick all at the same time. and really nice and squishy. It worked great doing the Stockinette stitch as double knitting on the board.
I was thinking that I would possibly line it with fabric, but then this morning had an A-HA! moment and thought leather would be cool. I got this sheet of super soft leather at Michaels. I sewed it onto the knitted panel, folded it up and sewed the edges together. Added a sweet vintage skeleton key and riveted leather button loop not he front for the closure.


I am having the best time trying out different stitches. And am even trying to learn some regular needle knitting just so I have a better understanding of knitting - could be useful down the road if I ever need to transcribe a needle pattern to a loom pattern.
Needle knitting is much harder than it looks that's for damn sure. I am all thumbs but understand the basic knit and purl.

There are some really great youtube videos that will teach you all that you need to know to get started. Just search Loom Knitting!


  1. I can see you are having a blast and it's fun following the progress of your projects. I used to be an avid knitter (with needles) but had to quit when my arthritis got the best of me. I definitely want to try the loom (thanks again for sending it to me!) I am waiting for a certain daughter *ahem* to make me some of her hand-spun yarn to play with. I might have to go ahead and just get something from a store lol.

  2. WOW! The leather idea is fantastic! Girlfriend, you did a marvelous job. Enjoy your beautiful clutch. :)

  3. Sooo... the real question is are you going to be selling any of your knitted creations? Or incorporating it into jewelry?

    Love the clutch and the cowl scarves!

    1. Thanks Erika!
      Yes I'd be happy to sell any of my finished pieces. Including the clutch or cowls!
      I figured interested people would contact me directly about them.
      No plans to incorporate my new knitting hobby in my jewelry but I never say never.

  4. Hi, Lorelei. Loom knitting definitely doesn't get the respect that the needles get. And it's so hard to find patterns for it that have the same classy look as the popular needle patterns on Ravelry. I was exclusively a loom knitter for some time, but I eventually learned the needles. Once you know what you are doing with them, they end up being so much faster and more versatile than a loom. At least, that was my experience. After I became fluent in both kinds of knitting, I wrote up this guide for translating needle patterns to the loom. You might find it useful: Happy knitting!


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