Pretty Birds Book Review and Blog hop

I was recently asked to participate in reviewing this new book by Virginia Lindsay, Pretty Birds 18 Simple Projects to Sew and Love  (Running Press) - and then also a blog hop for the book as well!

When the book arrived, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of flipping through it! As my regular blog readers know, I'm a bird addict, and that's putting it lightly! I really had intentions of trying to put together one of the projects for the book, but with a recent deadline for a magazine article in the midst, alas I didn't get to it in time for my blog post.  But once things slow down a bit, I really would love to try the Cardinal project.

I mean, look how adorable!! 

Each of the book projects shows a photograph of the finished project, and then for the pages of the tutorial, the images are sketched.  As with all great art project books, it lists out a materials list, some templates you can download, with a handy QR code too!

Another aspect of the book that I really liked was that each project contained a page of alternative projects you could try featuring each bird. Like the cardinal, offers up projects like an ornament or a card holder - turning just a regular ol' bird into something more versatile.

I also really loved this Cucaburra. So adorable with his spotted eye band and dotted tail.
Each bird, can be completely customizable depending one what types of fabrics you use! 

Each one is hand-sewed, no machine necessary.

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And if you would like to enter to win a special prize of a bird kit and book, there will be 5 winners chosen at the end of the blog tour! Click this link to be redirected to the entry page: 


  1. those are so sweet. also saw your recent pieces in Stringing - loved them!

  2. These birds are so cute! I like the blue bird on the cover.

  3. I'm looking forward to my turn. I was hoping to sew one, but, snow. Maybe I can cut up old clothes and use my hotel sewing kit?

  4. Fabric scraps are mostly saved, but I've just started to paper piece, and some have gone to that.

  5. Love this and your recent knitting projects!


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