Pretty Palettes: March Reveal

I feel so honored to have been asked recently by Erin Prais-Hintz to be a participant in her Pretty Palettes Color Challenge ! When she sent me the little mailer of beads and this color palette, my mouth literally watered. Look how juicy those colors are!!

Seriously, a breath of fresh air in this never-ending winter. Oh yes, it's still winter here in upstate NY. We are starting to see edges of grass but for the most part the ground is still covered with brown dirty snow. ACK!   So this image really signifies Spring for me. Life. Waking UP from a long and hibernating winter.

I have to admit, I was not able to get a sneak peek up a few days ago like I should have, and I feel terrible. I am hoping that my finished pieces will make you forget all that. ;)

She sent along several Halcraft Bead Gallery beads from Michaels- beautiful beads in the color palette but some with texture, some with facets, and others with more of a matte finish. Really lovely combination of beads.

I created two pieces of jewelry- a bracelet and a necklace....

The bracelet incorporates a hand stamped copper washer "lucky" playing off the clover inspiration. I used the copper ovals, ceramic rounds, faceted glass broilers and rounds, and added some cute teal beaded chain that I strung onto the wire with the beads.  Off the large swivel clasp, is a  Claddagh ring where I dangled some wire wrapped Faceted glass dangles in the bright green color way.

The necklace turned out fantastic with an asymmetrical style of stringing the beads. I felt like it definitely needed a focal pendant so I used a patina Hammered Greek Mykonos Metal pendant from Stinky Dog Beads, with some linen cording and knotted glass beads. The clasp is a copper OM button, from Tierra Cast that fits into a seed beaded button loop.

Take a minute to head over to the Halcraft blog to see what Erin Prais-Hintz and Erin Strother created for this challenge!


  1. Oh! Yes! I knew that you were going to do something special, and that is what these both are! I love the beaded chain on the bracelet. What a fantastic way to add some texture and movement! Love the special touches... the stamped washer... the claddagh ring... the chunky clasp (must find some of those!). When I shop for the beads, I am always keeping the palette in mind, but also the partner. And when I saw the strand with all the different textures and styles I knew they would be perfect for you to work you magic! Thank you again for being my partner. I always enjoy seeing what you do! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Gorgeous work! I love the color combination!

  3. So pretty. I love the way you highlighted the lucky clover theme in the bracelet.

  4. Beautiful beads and Gorgeous pieces.

  5. I especially like your bracelet. It looks like a "Lorelei" piece through and through! Those matte copper ovals always remind me of you because of the piece you did for my book. : )

  6. You are amazing at asymmetrical designs! And you can always make copper look like a million bucks! The bracelet bead-chain is a terrific idea, and really pulled everything together! Great job!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing This post. It's gretful blog I have really enjoyed keeping up with you on this blog.

  8. Beautiful work, Lorelei! Really diggin' the Mykonos pieces of late. Got a little collection started that I'm hoarding.

  9. Love the bracelet particularly!

  10. Gorgeous color palette! You really did it justice with the breathtaking pieces that you created. The bracelet is really fantastic and looks like it has a lot of movement to it. I love the assymetric elements of the necklace. You used a variety of beads and combined them in a way that flows beautifully! Both pieces are a wonderful tribute to spring (if only it would arrive)!


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