Another knitting post

Right now I'm struggling to figure out if I should continue to post now and then here at my jewelry blog on my knitting hobby adventures, or if I should just start a new knitting blog. My problem though with that is, I feel like I have too many blogs going now as it is, what with this one that I can't seem to post on more than a few times a week, plus the big Craftsy blog once a month.... so for now, I think an occasional post here will be okay. eh?

So I am trudging along working on 3 different projects, none of which are getting done.  The pink shawl/scarf, is halfway there. Not a great pic, but here is the pattern....Its from ChurchMouse Yarns  But I'll need to get another skein of yarn to finish. The South Beach Freia waves shawl is coming along nicely, at about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way done.  This is called Naiada, from Martina Behm.

Love love love this yarn, it's the Sport version, and it works up really nice on my needles. I am knitting this on circular Cubics needles (the needles are square)

The Marakeb shawl is my favorite of the three but it's been a long road, and many many starts and restarts. Ripping it out starting again. Trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing wrong. I have been in contact with  the designer and even she can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. 
I do hope to eventually figure out what the problem is so I can finish it because I really love that pattern. I am using a gorgeous Madeline Tosh Vintage yarn in Thoreau.  I will share pics when I finally get a large enough fabric knitted up to show you.

It's been getting supplies for this new hobby of mine. I decided it would be nice if I had a nice little Current project bag to keep my yarn and projects in while I wasn't working on them. So I enlisted the help of my friend Cristi Clothier Baxter of Twelve34Handmade to make me one! I had seen her making some similar bags on her Instagram page and when I asked her about them, she offered to take custom orders.  So she helped me pick out some fabrics, and put together the most gorgeous bag! It's fun, whimsical, and has cats on it. I mean, who wouldn't love that!?

I bought some circular knitting needles and they get all crazy when they are laying around so naturally I thought of Cristi yet again. She found a great tutorial and got right to work on this fantastic little accessory for me!

It's a tri-fold style pouch, that buttons closed. She included this little zippered pocket on the outside, perfect for stitch markers.

Here's a pic of the backside. Isn't this fabric outstanding? Its from Emmy Grace.

Opened up, you can see the separate pockets for needles, and I have some double pointed needles in here too. The top edge folds down, before it gets folded closed.

And my favorite thing about it, which I never really noticed until I glanced at it recently is, this sweet little leafy stitching!  Adorable. And fancy. Cristi is amazing so if you ever want her to make you something like this, she is really great to work with.