Knotted Necklaces

I caught a glimpse of some past necklaces I had created, on Pinterest and it got me inspired to make a few more of these Knotted necklaces, with linen cording and Ceramic beads. I played around with that concept and also created a more mixed media option with lamp work and ceramic beads, and then did one all in semi precious stone beads with a nice earthy brown and green color palette. 

This style is great for using up some orphan beads in your collection.  I had a great time putting together the colors- especially this orange and pink one above. It's my favorite of the five I made today.

These are all available in my webstore. 


  1. Gorgeous! Especially the orange and pink.

  2. I love knotted cord necklaces.... One of my favorite looks and very favorite techniques to use.... Great Job!!

  3. Realmente preciosos :)


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