SPOILER Alert: Mother's Day Gifties

Mom, if you are reading this....uh, we talked about this remember? I told you that you are not allowed to read this post. So run along now.... and come back to it after May 10!


Now here is a picture of something random to throw my Mother off....

Remember those fun days of Face Down Tuesday?  hee hee!

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My mother has recently picked up the new hobby of learning guitar.  She's taking lessons from a local guitar shop owner and has had a really great time learning different songs. She plays them for my sister and I over the phone. It's adorable!  

So I figured I would get my Mom some guitar related gifts for Mother's day! And I found just the place for such items. Uncommon Goods.  Based out of NYC, they strive to offer Entertainment, Convenience, and an uncommon experience.  I love that they feature handmade goods from around the world, and focus on a positive impact, on the environment by continually providing products that are created in a responsible manner. Their catalogues are printed on recycled paper, and all the products created without the harming of animals. 

They have a great selection of music inspired gifts. Here is what I picked out....

 A set of Chord Cubes:  Each side of each cube is printed with a different guitar chord. I figured Mom would have fun with these by practicing the chords, or creating her own little tune depending on the order?? Hey I don't know. I think they're cool. The are pretty large too, see them in my hand here?  The set includes 10 blocks. They could also be used as art or set on a shelf for decoration.

Also the blocks come in a really nice black box, inscribed on the top reads  CHORD CUBES. A nice classic way to keep the blocks in great shop when they are not on display, and great for gift giving as well!

My mother will not be surprised that I picked out some sort of jewelry related item for her. And I can also envision her saying these words after opening these cool Guitar String Bracelets.... "I need earrings to match these!" I really love the construction of these bracelets, they open very easily to get onto your wrist. And they wear a bit more like a bangle which seems more comfortable for my Mom, who doesn't wear a lot of jewelry on her wrists.  The only complaint I have about these is that the packaging was a little cheap- just a cellophane baggie with a cardboard backer, and the bracelets are attached to that with a little bit of wire.  But they sent along a nice kraft brown gift box to  give these in, so that made me really happy!  I think she's going to really dig these.

 Now this last item may look a little confusing. Like they forgot to add the guitar to the handle.  This is called Pocketstrings. A portable Guitar Practice tool. Yep! A way to practice chords and scales, that is completely portable and nice and quiet for those guitar unfriendly areas.  Ok, that's what the package says anyway. When I saw this online, I thought there would be some way to listen to whatever you were doing on it but when I strum the plastic chords down on that extension, I here nothing. So in all, I was a little disappointed with the actuality of it being more of a soundless practice tool.

It is really well made though. The strings are actual guitar strings and that black section, is actually the cover that slides down over the strings to protect them when you aren't using it. It is a nice size, small enough to fit into a larger style handbag for easy stowing.

Be sure to check out the other cool presents for Moms, on the website here: http://www.uncommongoods.com/occasions/mothers-day-gifts/mothers-day-gifts
here: www.uncommongoods.com/for-her/gifts-for-her/gifts-for-mom

and if you want to get your Mom something a bit more special, check out these gifts here:

 I received these gifts as compensation in exchange for writing this review.  [Although this post is sponsored, all opinions on these products are my own.] 


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