Mother's Day Sale

Let's celebrate our mothers this week with a bit of a sale, eh?  I ship orders out every day, but the longer you wait through the week the lesser the chance you'll get your orders in time for Mother's Day which is this Sunday! So better snag your gifts quick so you don't show up to Mother's Day Brunch empty handed!!

My Mother is fierce. She is independent, and the most loyal friend. She's still my best friend even though I rarely get to see her. My mother is brave. She's a hero. Her never-ending love and devotion to her kids is admirable. My mother is daring. She just got her first Tattoo! In one of the most painful places, the top of her foot!! She is strong. My mother is fun. She likes to laugh and likes to be a free spirit. She's learning guitar, and has always loved music. My Mother is LOVE. <3

Tell me a few words about your Mothers.