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Woah! What the heck happened? A week went by and I guess I just could not find the time to spending writing a blog post. Sorry about that.  Been spending as much time as I can outside. It's been a busy few weeks, with weekends jam packed with plans. This past weekend, I headed out of town with my friend Tara,  to the Country Living fair in Rhinebeck, NY. We went 2 summers ago, and had such a blast. It was really a fun trip. An easy drive to get down there, and the fair was enormous, the weather was gorgeous and we really enjoyed shopping the many vendors selling antiques and salvaged items, art, crafts etc.

I wanted to try to find some sort of Metal shelf for my porch that I can put plans on and found this excellent 3 tier metal cart. It's a little rough but that's part of it's charm. I may end up painting the white shelves.... spray paint comes in so many awesome colors these days. 

I also bought this galvanized metal tray.... It has that "Fixer Upper" Joanna Gaines "feel" to it.... my favorite show on the planet right now. So I bought some succulents yesterday and filled in a few of the sections. I think the empty sections will eventually hold maybe some glass jar candles or something. When I watered them, the water seeped down through the sections but luckily succulents don't need too much watering so I'm not worried about it. I didn't drill any drainage holes.... we'll see what happens. If it doesn't work out, I'll empty it out and put something else in there.

I also snagged some really awesome buttons from a notions vendor at the show. I think you'll like them, they're going to be popping up in some new jewelry designs.

And then on the way home as we drove through the Catskills, stopping in at little shops and antique stores along the way, I snagged some very cool African seed strands from a Tea shop called Tay Tea.

We had samples of tea that was really amazing and I kick myself for not buying any. We had an iced tea to go and had a lovely chat with Nini, the owner/founder of Tay Tea.

She was full of life, a really positive energy and Tara and I fell in love with her spirit. I could have sat there all day listening to her tales of visiting far away places such as South Africa.  We talked about it on the way home, how some people just have this way about them, a magnetic personality that just makes you want to be around them.

If you are ever in the Andes, NY area, definitely stop by .... I guarantee you will walk away not only with some amazing teas, but also with some great memories and fun energy.

Back to the grind today. I just have to find some motivation....  I really would love to sit and knit. I'm working on the cutest little kerchief pattern from the most recent Knit Scene Magazine.  The yarn is fantastic, definitely one of my favorites. Berrocco, Floret in Licorice.  It's got the nicest drape!

Great color, it's kind of gray, purple, pink teal all in one yarn!

Hope you all have a good week!


  1. Great finds! My friend and I went to a similar show this past weekend. It is so fun to spend time with a friend and spend money on great items. I love the yarn too!

  2. Your yarn is beautiful. I don't know where you find the time to make jewelry and knit!

  3. Love the metal cart and tray! The succulents look perfect in there.

  4. Lovely post Lorelei! It's so good to get away with a great friend. And you have many places it looks like. It's always great to see a peek into what your up to! Wanna trade for Houston? Uff lol..

  5. Ohhh those beads! I lived in Puerto Rico many years ago and they have to be the same beads. The people called them pelloneyas. They grew in a scant bush maybe 5 feet tall right near the beach amongst the coconut trees. The pods were green and we would string necklaces after becoming red but before they became super hard. They are the Lovely :)


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