Let me catch you up

I have been busy cranking out jewelry to restock my online stores, but also because I have an event coming up on the 23rd. At the Everson Museum of Art, I will be selling my wares at their upcoming Craft & Craft event.  Hoping some local fans can come out and get a nice taste of local Craft Beer, and do a little shopping with some local artisans such as myself!

The collage above shows a small sampling of new pieces that landed in my online stores this week. Busy busy!

I had a friend come over earlier in the week to take some new head shots of me for publications. I am happy with those results, and it will be nice to have a new updated photo used in magazines!  I believe this is the one I'll be using.
But I have a plethora of shots to use so I may switch it up now and then.

What spurred this, was a recent invitation to be an Ambassador for a well known tool company  (more on that later!)

I have committed finally to planning my trip to Bead Fest this year, in August. I will be staying with an online friend who lives nearby. You may know her, Margot Potter? I'm so excited to be able to really sit down have a nice talk with her, we have yet to meet in person. I have been wanting to get some advice lately about business stuff and I can not think of a better person to ask than her. She's definitely a guru in the biz.

It's going to be a really busy couple of months - I just have to remember to really enjoy the warm weather for a change. It's been a bit dreary this past 2 weeks but I am looking forward to some sun coming up next week.

I am looking forward to a upcoming visitor next month. My BFF Amy Freeland is making the trek from Cali to New York for some nice good old fashioned girl time with moi. I can not wait. :)

Joe is finally off for Summer vacation from teaching. I imagine there will be more kayaking happening in our near future, and tonight we are heading out to a nice local joint for an early anniversary dinner. Sunday we will be celebrating 13 yrs of wedded bliss! :)

I better go get my day started.... Hope everyone is having a good summer so far!