Tool Talk Tuesday

I have three new tools to tell you guys about! I think you're gonna definitely dig em. I have had these for about a month now, and cannot tell you how many times I reach for them. Almost daily!! For reals!

These pliers are from Xuron Corp. One of the leading manufacturers of ergonomic jewelry tools! You can purchase Xuron tools by contacting them directly at or I've seen them at,, and to name a few places!

Today I'm going to talk about these three pliers.

First up. The High Precision Scissor. What I like most about it : It saves my WIRE flush cutters when I cut waxy linen cord! The wax can build up on your jewelry tools making future usage a really sticky pain in the butt.  I have been grabbing these to snip my cording and they are nice, smooth and so sharp! Perfect for leather too! 

Oval Head Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter with Wire Retaining Clip. What I like best about it. It's got a nice comfy handle, and retains the cut wire from flying in all directions! That. Is. Genius.  I can get in nice and close to trim my excess wire and as you can see in the photo above, it really holds that little wire from going anywhere! I just loosen my grip and the wire falls to my work area below.  How does it work?

Here are some angle shots to see that clip a bit easier. It's really just an extra piece of metal. It doesn't move.  But the angle allows it to grip the wire. It cuts up to 16g soft wire.

Tweezer Nose Pliers- What I like most about them: I can do really tiny wire wrapping like these seed beads! The super precise nose tips get in there nice and small to hold the headpin in place while I'm wrapping the wire.  But these will be great for any tight spaces that my regular chain nose pliers can't handle. They feature that super soft handle, and a nice strong grip even at the very tip!

I suggest you hunt down the Xuron booth next time you're at your favorite bead show! Test out their products and get some of their specialty pliers. I definitely love each of these! And wonder how the heck I managed without them!!


  1. I'll probably have to have all of these, and I don't even make much jewelry anymore. Where can they be purchased?

    1. You can purchase Xuron tools by contacting them directly at or I've seen them at,, and to name a few places!

    2. Great post Lorelei!

  2. I've been looking for those needle nose pliers...thanks for the post and the leads where to find them.

  3. Thank you for the info, I will definitely be checking into these. What is the color of the linen cording in your pic, I do not see it available in your shop? Looks like a natural linen color.

    1. the lighting in these photos isn't great but that linen cord is actually a light denim blue color. I do stock it in the Jewelry Accord shop.


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