Knitting Project Wishlist

I thought I would pull together a few of my wishlisted knitting projects that I hope to get to here in the coming months.  The actual list is quite large so I'm going to try to narrow it down but it is so hard. There are so many great projects out there!

 I love the origami style folding technique for this simple purse and it can be created with a variety of different yarns and colors depending on the season!  This is a free tutorial!

Peak Color: a great Plucky Knitter pattern just introduced today in their Fall Back autumn line of knits. Worked from side to side, you can add different colors, and weights of yarn so you can customize it however you like! I love that, especially since many times knitting patterns seem very cut and dry.  This pattern is available on Ravelry.(link above)

Finally, a very cute and FREE hat tutorial! I am notorious for choosing hat patterns that are way more advanced than I can handle. This one looks fairly easy and I love the bulky yarn used, it's Yak from Lang Yarns .

A change of pace for me, how bout a rectangular wrap instead of the common triangle shawl. Love the diamond patterning on this wrap. I am a huge sucker for any of the Quince & Co. patterns, and their yarns are really beautiful to work with.

 The shawl has the most beautiful drape, because of the Merino wool and silk blend yarn from NBK (Northbound Knitting) I actually have some silk blend yarn ordered from The Plucky Knitter, to use for this pattern.  Love the dropped stitches ( which makes for a nice quick knit)

To check out my extensive wishlist, check out my Knit/Crochet Pinterest board, and to drool over some yarn, check out my YarnPorn Pinterest board.


  1. I can imagine how tumultuous it must be to narrow down your wish list! I love them all as well.


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