Make Jewelry. Stop KNITTING!

This is what I keep having to tell myself. Over and over like a freakin' broken record. I guess that's usually the problem with starting a new hobby. It becomes very difficult to pull yourself away from it.  So I forced myself to sit in the studio all day and (every day) try to walk out with at LEAST 2 pieces of jewelry a day.  So far it's working out. I can knit a few rows with my morning coffee and then pick up later on in the evening in front of the TV. And I don't feel like I've wasted the day away playing with yarn when I should be playing with beads.

The more jewelry I can make these next two weeks, the more I can list online, and the more I can have to sell at Harvest Festival. An empty booth there with be no bueno.

Here's what came out of the studio today. These are all listed in my webstore. 


  1. beautiful jewellery i love it

  2. You can always sell knitting goods too.. ;)

  3. Glad to see I'm not the only one struggling with competing hobbies! I love that first pair of earrings - so bright and fresh!

  4. I have almost the same problem. I knit not not so much. I crochet a lot though. I also make jewelry and for hobbies I do other things. Those two are my passions though. I love your work. Its beautiful band there are many interesting elements to keep people wondering what delightful creations you will come up with next.


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