Make Jewelry. Stop KNITTING!

This is what I keep having to tell myself. Over and over like a freakin' broken record. I guess that's usually the problem with starting a new hobby. It becomes very difficult to pull yourself away from it.  So I forced myself to sit in the studio all day and (every day) try to walk out with at LEAST 2 pieces of jewelry a day.  So far it's working out. I can knit a few rows with my morning coffee and then pick up later on in the evening in front of the TV. And I don't feel like I've wasted the day away playing with yarn when I should be playing with beads.

The more jewelry I can make these next two weeks, the more I can list online, and the more I can have to sell at Harvest Festival. An empty booth there with be no bueno.

Here's what came out of the studio today. These are all listed in my webstore.