My poor little neglected blog

I am so sorry to neglect you! I am just having such trouble keeping up with posting here, plus designing, plus listing, plus knitting, plus buying yarn, it's too much!!
I have a pile of books to review, plans for giveaways, and tool reviews too! I gotta get back at it!!
My motivation these days is really really slack. For some reason I feel like I'm on Summer vacation.

Enough with THAT! I have a show in 2 weeks!! I have to get my butt in gear! I will be exhibiting my work at the 2015 HARVEST FESTIVAL in Sharon Springs, NY Sept. 19-20. I don't know where I'll be located until the day of the show. I will not be in Etsy alley- I didn't make the cut. :/ But should probably be located in my old location, amongst the big pines on the main street.  I may even have some knitted things for sale too. If I'm lucky. Right now I'm busy knitting little fall colored leaves to create a fun garland to decorate my tent.

Here, take a peek of a few new things from this week so far....


These can be found in my online stores! or