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Have you ever heard of Periscope? I hadn't until very recently. I started following a Knitter/yarn dyer/knit designer, and her live streaming videos had me instantly captivated!  I watched intently as she showed viewers a demonstration on using a yarn spinner to make yarn from roving.  I was hooked!

The idea is, Exploring the world through someone else's eyes.  As a voyeuristic population, where we are constantly peeking into people's lives using social media, this is just one more way to do that. However, for a business owner like myself, it's a new way to connect with the people who shop my jewelry or follow me. And well, I want in.

Here's a little info graphic on how it works. When the broadcaster is live, they're sharing video, audio and location with viewers.  Viewers can interact with the broadcaster in real time, by sending in comments/messages, and hearts.   Follow people to get notified in the app that your favorite people are now live, or watch from links posted on Twitter.

My PERISCOPE handle is @LoreleiEurto

Follow me. I will be trying it out Wednesday at 3pm est.  with a little studio tour!  If you have any questions please post them to the comments on this post, and I will try to answer them. The last time I tried this out, I did have trouble seeing the comments and messages that viewers were leaving me but I logged in this morning and was able to see them.  If all goes well this week, with a decent amount of viewers,  I'd like to continue this at least once a week! I'm thinking like a Question and Answer session, maybe a tutorial here or there, or introductions to new work? Possibilities seem endless. Is there something you'd want me to discuss or show you? Please leave comments!


  1. If this lends itself to up-close work, I wouldn't mind seeing a riveting demonstration. You are really good at it!

  2. Anonymous12/08/2015

    Yes, one of our local bead shops uses Periscope to do tutorials. Great idea.


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