Let's chat a minute about Podcasting. What the hell is a PodCast??

Podcasts are typically recordings- When I think of Podcasts, I immediately think of something you listen to on your iPod while working on something else. But what I have discovered recently is that podcasts can also be videos. Which I tend to like better, because I'm more of a visual type of person.

Podcasting in the world of knitters is EXTREMELY popular. I have seen thousands on YouTube.  What I'm noticing is everyone keeps a similar guideline for their videos. They have intros, chat about the location they are podcasting from, mention the weather, and most of them drink Tea. They go through works in progress, what's currently on their knitting needles.... and then talk about what they're goals are for future knitting. Usually there is a segment that features the new acquisitions they've acquired, YARN. And then some knitters have segments on hand-dying or spinning their own yarns which lately I have found very interesting to watch.

Some of them have really great effects, like each section has a little image with text leading the viewer into each segment. Some of them are done really well! And some of them, not so well but you can tell each person is really enjoying themselves! And that's what truly matters most. 

Why don't jewelry designers do more podcasting? Is it more difficult to watch a video when beading or making jewelry?  Nowadays people are getting on board with Periscope which is a sort of podcast, but Live. Well, it's initially live, and then you can upload your broadcasts to youtube for late-to-the-party viewers.

I'm not sure why I am so fascinated lately in Podcasting. I feel like I'm sick of Facebook. I want more quality content and people aren't blogging anymore. So naturally I'm watching all of these podcasts, and wonder if I could do one - would you watch it? Because I'm really thinking about it. But, I'd want to do a two part video. Knitting- (because when I'm not beading I'm knitting) and Jewelry (because when I'm not knitting, I'm making jewelry)  Now, trust me. I tend to talk a lot about starting new things like this and then I get lazy and nothing ever happens. 

So tell me, would you watch an every other week podcast ? what would you want to see? I could talk about wine instead of tea. Because let's face it, I need another reason to drink more wine, and it would give me a chance to try new things.  And I could chat about new beads, bead artists, new publications on the market, new tutorials in the works, or get your feedback on what you might want to see me chat about. And then I could quickly show you yarns, and patterns I'm currently working on.  Kind of a beading/knitting/crafts/wine-o type of podcast.

I'm also really into the thought of cross-pollination in crafts.  Jewelry and Knitting have a lot of the same characteristics. There is many different supplies on the market, there are colors to choose, and patterns to follow or not follow, and lots of techniques to learn. There is still the excitement of building a stash for both crafts, and naturally we want to show off new stuff to our friends.  There is also an immense sense of community in the podcaster world/ knitter world/ and Jewelry world. 

I dunno.
Just a thought.

Here are a few of my most favorite podcasters.
(all knitting, of course)

Andy of AndreSueKnits - very charismatic and crafty on many levels. dying, spinning, knitting, and other craft related topics.

Dianne Brown, AKA Suburban Stitcher - has a Southern drawl that is so addicting to listen to, and I love the projects she picks.

One of the first podcasts I have discovered was Teahouse Knits. I absolutely love it and check every day to see if she has a new post up.

Jaclyn Salem of Brooklyn Knitfolk is a relatively new podcaster, and knitter, and I feel like we are at the same skill level and I love seeing what she's up to.


  1. Anonymous1/29/2016

    Good morning Lorelei! I would watch your podcast! I faithfully check your blog everyday for posts. Would that be where you announce the podcast? Have a great day! Diana Kolowski

    1. HI Diana! Yes I would probably put a link in my blog, to the youtube channel where the podcasts can be seen, or even link the video right to my blog. I know a lot of people post a link to their youtube and put the show notes in their blog post.

  2. It's been my experience that the knitters are always a little ahead of the beaders in terms of technology. You can be a pioneer! I listen to a ton of podcasts, but audio only, since I listen to them while I'm doing something else that needs my attention.

  3. Hi Lorelei!
    I would watch a podcast! I'm always looking for something to watch because tv is getting to be such trash!

  4. I like your podcast idea. Your other commenters don't seem to know that you can subscribe to blogs and podcasts. For blogs you need a reader like Feedly and Newsify. These apps are free in any App Store and bring all your subscribed blogs right to you in one place. You can subscribe to You Tube content and you will be notified when new content is available.

    I subscribe to a ton of blogs (I also knit, bead, and work wire) and a blog reader is so efficient.

  5. I think they're a great idea - I would definitely watch. I am hoping more people will move back to blogs, but I feel like they are the type of space which can encompass everything - lots of pictures, lots of words, links to youtube videos/podcasts/vlogs etc etc. FB is more bullet-pointy I guess, and there's a place for it - but I'm with you; other, more personal spaces say more to me. I guess the reason podcasts are more 'in' with knitters (being the daughter of an obsessed knitter!) is that it seems more of a community activity - all the groups you can go to, and the way there's often a great yarn department in a general department store as well as individual yarn shops. I think there are just more of you knitters out there! I also think that the fact that most knitters are content with their craft as a hobby, rather than a hobby/business, somehow makes a difference too. There's less angst attached I think!

  6. Anonymous1/30/2016

    i would totally watch your beading and knitting podcasts! Thanks for the tips about your favorite podcasters. I watch/listen while I'm knitting. I'd be especially interested in your beading podcasts. Can list your favorite beading podcasters in your next blog entry?

  7. I would absolutely watch your podcasts. I used to just wait for new Artbeads Cafe videos on Youtube (but I have to admit it's not the same for me since Kristal Wick left.) So you could be the new video I wait for. I would love to see the things you mentioned, like showing and talking about new beads/yarn, artists, tutorials, etc. Sounds fun!

  8. I watch several knitting podcasts (and I host one too) and I love hearing about the OTHER crafts people like to do that are somewhat related - loosely, LOL! I think jewelry making would be an interesting topic. Sounds like fun!

    1. My first episode is now ready to watch!

  9. My first episode is now ready to watch!


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