Podcast success

I put up a new episode of my Knits & Beads podcast this week. It's coming along! I am excited to say that I have learned a few important things this week..... I figured out how to transition from one clip to the next, kind of seamlessly and not so choppy.  I figured out how to add text to clips, and how to add a title. However a few of these things were learned AFTER I uploaded this weeks episode. So, look at this way. Each time you see an episode there will be improvements! It's a work in progress people! Be patient!

I have high hopes about this endeavor. I imagine myself podcasting little jewelry tutorials and even shopping trips to the bead store/ yarn shop!  I have some great knit-a-longs that I'll be participating in as well, but I also want to eventually host my own! And beading challenges too of course.

I got big plans, yo. BIG.

I hope you end up watching ! Keep an eye on this space for updates and please subscribe to my Youtube channel, that way you'll notifications when I have a new episode available!

This week has been fun in the studio... I have created some fun pieces for my shops. I especially am loving this vibrant necklace, it's posted in my webstore now.

I've also got onto an earring kick this week.... for all of you earring lovers out there!
Which let's face it, it's the easiest piece of jewelry you can wear in the winter that isn't
covered up by bulky scarves and sweaters!

Anyway, sorry to have neglected the blog a little bit lately. Definitely have to try to keep up on that but with the whole podcasting phenomena and all the knitting, it's a wonder I have time to even eat or sleep these days.

Till next time....

Happy Beading/Knitting/Crafting!


  1. Heading to watch your podcast and live the jewels.

  2. Love the earrings with blue teardrops and little bees! Gorgeous color. And I LOVE your pig figurine in the top picture ;) Is he made of wood?

    1. hey! thanks Erika!! Oh he's cast iron, a piggy bank!! :)


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