Stitch Marker Earrings

 My friend Amy Freeland gifted me a couple of sweet Swiss Miss cocoa tins and they feature this knit pattern on them, the other one I have is white. I cut some discs out of them yesterday and I created a pair of these double duty earrings. Not only a cute earring pattern to wear, but serves another purpose. For Knitters!!

There I go, combining my love of knitting and my love of jewelry making into one craft!  I fashioned these so that, if a knitter is wearing them, and they find themselves without a stitch marker or progress keeper, they can whip them off, and detach the brass marker from the ear wire, and attach it to their knitting project. If they need a stitch marker instead, they can open the pin and remove the ring with three little wire wrapped glass bead dangles, and slip that onto their needle!