Scrap Yarn

I had been wondering what I would do with all this scrap yarn I have been accumulating. Every project leaves a ball of yarn leftover, and they are starting to really build up!

I have been creating some special braided cords for my own jewelry for a few months now. Such as....

So Today I made some for my Jewelry Accord store! I have many more colors than these but wanted to start out slow in case it wasn't something people were interested in using in their own designs.

Each listing includes 2 sizes, 1 is 7 inches and 1 is 18 inches. You can use them separately or together in 1 piece if you wanted to. The ends have been left unfinished so that you can find your favorite ways to attach them to your work but I can certainly add brass foldover ends to each one in case you wanted a more finished cord.

Also, I am definitely open to custom orders for different lengths if these lengths don't work for you.

Find these new cords at