Scrap Yarn

I had been wondering what I would do with all this scrap yarn I have been accumulating. Every project leaves a ball of yarn leftover, and they are starting to really build up!

I have been creating some special braided cords for my own jewelry for a few months now. Such as....

So Today I made some for my Jewelry Accord store! I have many more colors than these but wanted to start out slow in case it wasn't something people were interested in using in their own designs.

Each listing includes 2 sizes, 1 is 7 inches and 1 is 18 inches. You can use them separately or together in 1 piece if you wanted to. The ends have been left unfinished so that you can find your favorite ways to attach them to your work but I can certainly add brass foldover ends to each one in case you wanted a more finished cord.

Also, I am definitely open to custom orders for different lengths if these lengths don't work for you.

Find these new cords at


  1. Oh they are so nice Lorelei. They look great in your own jewelry.

  2. I absolutely love these so much, they look so fantastic in your jewellery! I would love to get some but the exchange rate really sucks at the moment :-( and I keep getting stung with customs fees too. Boo!

    1. Thank you! Glad you like them! That stinks about customs fees. You having that problem even if people put "gift" on the package details?

  3. If it's marked gift, the threshold goes higher - to around $40, I think? - but the value includes the postage cost too. It really super sucks! I bought a £30 ish strand of Lampwork beads a couple of months ago, paid £5 for postage, and then another £15 to customs when it arrived. And £8 is a processing fee! Such a rip off!


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