This week in Business

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the week!
These are all available either in my ETSY store or webstore.
Etsy has a new look! What do you think of it? I like it! I like that I can pick a banner size- I really love that because I could create a banner that looks quite similar to my website.... making the transition almost seamless.  They are moving in the right direction. I think if they were to come up with some different themes to choose from, or photo size options, I'd be smitten. 

I do not have plans to use their new option for website (called PATTERN) only because I really like my Indiemade shop and I can link it to my ETSY store, and I don't have to pay them commission on my sales.  But I know that this will be a nice option for some sellers.

The past few months, business wise- has been kind of a roller coaster. I'm sure a lot of you handmade makers out there can attest to that as well.  What worries me is, it's tax season and shouldn't sales be UP? not DOWN??
I'm trying hard to stay motivated to keep creating new things even during this tumultuous time but it's becoming harder and harder. I think that this particularly difficult time, has resulted in some mild depression that seems to lightly dissipating as Spring approaches.  I keep waiting, each day telling myself, maybe tomorrow will be better.

I started looking a little bit (ok I spent maybe 3o mintues) looking at part time jobs in the area, and I must admit. This caused even more anxiety.

How do you battle the business blues?